On the Job: Advice & Tips for Designers

Any level of designer in any type of atmosphere — whether it’s a design firm, in-house design department, freelance design business, virtual office or internship — will find that each setting presents unique on-the-job challenges. Find tips and articles for being successful in your design career. Plus, read in-the-trenches stories from designers, like yourself, and the lessons that they’ve gleaned from their experiences.

Illustration by I. Keith Murray

Watch Out For These Client Red Flags

  Are you dealing with a problem client right now?You know the ones I mean…they have unrealistic expectations and unreasonable deadlines. Or they are high maintenance drama queens overreacting about a tiny detail.If so, you’re not alone.We all have them!The thing to remember is that they are not bad people. They’re often under a...

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7 Tips to Help You Land a Promotion

You’re ready for the next step—a promotion, a new title, or a new employee to take under your wing—and the salary bump that accompanies that career growth. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it’s time to lobby your supervisor for the reward you’ve earned.