Redesigning Your New Year’s Resolution

Lately I’ve been thinking about my past New Year’s “resolutions,” and how they typically revolve around going to the gym more regularly or eating green leafy vegetables…

But a highlight year was 2008: I convinced myself to get a French conversation partner to expedite my language acquisition. All in all it was a success (even if I never made it to France that year). I made a new friend, Jean-Phillipe, who helped me work on my accent, and I passed the translation exam.

I hate admitting that graduate school was the last time I set my new year’s resolutions on career development – and I think it’s high time that changes…

New Year: New Opportunities for Career Growth

Here at HOW, we understand that designers are constantly being stretched and pulled in a multitude of directions, so it’s hard to always keep your sights set on the long-game: Having the most productive and fruitful career possible. This is where we come in.

New Year's Resolution, remember

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As the world of design evolves every day, it’s our job to stay on top of the changes, trends and developments to keep our audience in the know.

There’s no better way to keep designers abreast of these changes than through continuing education via courses, webinars and webcasts. Working closely with world-class designers and instructors, we create and update courses that speak to the evolving needs of the industry.

A New Year’s Resolution Focused on You + Design

As we exit 2013 and enter 2014, consider the carefully curated courses we’ve developed to take your skillset to the next level. Maybe you’ve been putting off learning more about responsive web design? Or, perhaps you really want to learn more about designing in the browser?

Here’s your chance. At HOW Design University, courses are flexible to work around the needs of your schedule.

I’m game. I’ve been interested in learning more about typography for some time, and there’s no time like the present to get on board. Looks like I’m committing to Denise Bosler’s Basic Typography Bootcamp as my 2014 resolution.

I challenge you to ask yourself: What does my New Year’s resolution look like for 2014? Is it about your growth and career development? We think it’s time.

Get a head start on next year’s resolution by finishing this year strong!

Join me and stretch yourself this year with a HOW U course that fits your schedule…



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