Design Careers: Industry Advice & Job Search Tips

HOW wants to help you succeed and achieve your career goals along the way. Find expert career advice and tips from HOW’s official career partner, The Creative Group, to help guide your career path, whether you are working at a firm, as an in-house designer or as a freelance designer. Get practical advice and take control of your career path in design. Steer it in the direction you want to take it. Plus, learn how to leverage your current position for greater satisfaction. Learn more about increasing your salary and improving your overall marketability from The Creative Group in this Design Tutorial – How to Make More Money as a Designer in 2013.

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Training Your Coworkers to Understand Design

As an in-house designer, many of your coworkers don’t always understand what they do. And this might lead to a lot of frustration and misunderstandings about projects. With these tips from in-house design manager Scott Kirkwood, learn how you can educate your coworkers about design and your team.


Land Your Next Job: Know Your Interviewer

Learn how to land your next job by understanding the perspective of your interviewer. Armed with these six profiles of typical hiring managers, you’ll ace your next interview. User experience has become a red-hot design topic and for a good reason: You have to understand what makes people tick in order to develop seamless...


6 Writing Tips for Designers

You’ve memorized every keyboard shortcut for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, but when it’s time to use that keyboard to string a few words together, you’re frozen in fear. Whether you’re drafting an email, crafting a design proposal, or preparing your thoughts for a pitch meeting, writing is an important part of your job. Here...


Design Career Advice from 99U

When I first graduated college, everyone and their brother was aimed and ready to assault me with career tips and advice. Most of it involved really helpful comments along the lines of “Journalism? You’ll never get a job!” For those of you who want something a little more substantial when seeking design career advice,...