Quiz: What is your self-promotion style?


Editor’s Note: A version of this quiz originally appeared in HOW Magazine. Check out the latest issue or subscribe today!

How good are you at promoting your professional skills and services? Take our quiz to gauge your strengths and weaknesses, then learn how to implement a self-promotion strategy that’s just right for you.

Nearly all designers long for recognition. Such exposure not only benefits the soul, but also fattens the wallet: People must know about your talents and services if you want to win new business or a promotion.

And yet self-promotion can pose a challenge even for the most experienced creative: Where do you draw the line between showcasing your successes and shameless braggadocio? How do you incorporate newer platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, into your outreach efforts? What’s the best way to stay connected with your clients without being intrusive?

Navigating these issues is more of an art than a science, and each of us brings a unique approach to marketing our talents and services. This quiz will help you identify your dominant style of self-promotion. By understanding your tendencies, you can fine-tune your efforts and avoid common pitfalls. Take the quiz below.

And, if you’re already rocking some impressive self-promotion work, be sure to enter the HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards