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Don’t be shy! It’s the human condition of curiosity to want to know how your paycheck compares to the salaries and pay of other designers. Plus, it’s smart to arm yourself with knowledge of how your salary stacks up.

HOW’s 2014 Design Salary Report will answer that question and much more. We’ll outline salaries for creative positions in regions across the U.S. and also compare raises, bonuses and benefits. Plus, find out what types of designers are seeing the biggest bumps in their pay. You’ll find all of this in the upcoming July 2014 issue of HOW.

We need your help to compile our report. Please participate in our 2014 Design Salary Survey by Feb. 18. It’ll take just a few moments of your time, and you’ll be contributing to this important effort to gauge the design marketplace for salaries, benefits, bonuses and other perks.

Please take our Design Salary Survey today!

Responses will be completely anonymous. U.S. residents only, please.
BONUS: We’ll be giving away a free subscription to three survey respondents drawn at random.

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