2006 International Design Award Winners: Editorial

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See Saw

Designer Todd Richards says he was excited to respond to a brief Herman Miller sent to Cahan & Associates. Six Cahan designers submitted prototypes for a new design magazine. "I’ve always wanted to work with Herman Miller, and I really wanted this job," he says. "The team at Herman Miller liked my design, and we’ve been publishing SEE with them ever since."

The legendary furniture company publishes SEE twice a year to explore "new potentialities for space, people and human activity." The result is as much brain food as it is eye candy.

The HOW judges were wowed by the beautiful layout and the feel of the uncoated paper. Richards has been most impressed by the experience of working with so many talented people.

"The writers and illustrators and photographers all work together," he says. "Our typesetter and print production person are fantastic. Once you’ve all agreed to do something extraordinary, and you’re on an extraordinary team, the rest is easy and fun."

The "Concept Incubator" illustrates that the success or failure of an idea is based on the strength and diversity of the network. "Since we were using eggs, babies and passion flowers to visually explain how an idea is conceived, we used the infant incubator to show how the network aids the idea along to fruition," explains designer Todd Richards.

Environmental advocacy is a part of Herman Miller’s heritage, so SEE is printed on Mohawk Via, an acid-free recycled sheet that contains 20% postconsumer fiber and is made with non-polluting, renewable wind power.

Title: SEE: The Potential of Place Issue 1
Design Firm: Cahan & Associates, San Francisco
Art Directors: Bill Cahan, Todd Richards
Designer: Todd Richards
Copywriters: Rick Duffy, Don Goeman, Linton Weeks
Printer: Hennegan
Client: Herman Miller



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