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Kiss obscurity goodbye, in-house designers! Being an in-house designer can mean working for a product you love and know inside and out. But the flip side is that you may feel left out of the public recognition and “cool factor” many design studios have. Enter the HOW In-House Design Awards for a chance at national acclaim as well as acknowledgement where it really counts: your own company.

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2012 InHOWse Design Awards

HOW’s InHOWse Design Awards celebrates the best creative work produced by designers working in corporations, associations and organizations. The 76 winning design projects from this competition, featured In the January 2013 issue, represent the creative best of the in-house design industry. The judges selected the merit winners, outstanding achievement winners, and one best of...

Prism Awards, in-howse design awards best of show winner

In-HOWse Best of Show Winner

The winning entry—a total identity refresh for The Prism Awards, an international competition that recognizes innovation in photonics—shows that in-house designers are in a unique position to generate big buzz for their companies.

2010 In-HOWse Design Award Winners: Best of Show

A Marquee Project By Bryn Mooth Retro signage inspires an identity for a festival that showcases the newest films. When you think of design for one of the world’s leading art institutions, you think of high-end exhibition catalogs with full-color photographs, gorgeous artwork and restrained typography. But the Museum of Modern Art’s in-house creative...

2010 In-HOWse Design Award Winners

HOW’s In-HOWse Design Awards spotlights the very best work from designers in top corporations, organizations and associations. From those that receive an outstanding achievement score, judges pick out the stand-out to receive the Best of Show honor. Pick of the PDF showcasing all of the 2010 In-HOWse Design Award Winners       View...

2007 In-HOWse Design Award Winners: Best of Show

Material World By Bryn Mooth Let’s get this on the table first: Most in-house creatives would kill to design with the raw materials that their peers who work in museums get to play with. But they’d be hard-pressed to create a piece with all the richness, complexity, depth and craftsmanship of this exhibition catalog—even...