2006 Interactive Design Award Winners: Consumer Websites

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OUTSTANDING: Monticello Explorer

Design Firm: Second Story Interactive Studios, Portland, OR
Creative Director/Designer: Brad Johnson
Studio Director/Producer: Julie Beeler
Programmers: David Brewer, David Knape, Thomas Wester
3d Modeler/Animator: Matt Arnold
Media Designer/Animator: Martin Linde
A/V: David Waingarten
Client: Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Monticello Explorer makes Thomas Jefferson’s famous home accessible to people who can’t make the trip to Virginia. The site is chock-full of history, artifacts and accomplishments, but the most impressive feature is a 3D tour of the house that’s stripped down to resemble an architectural model. "We wanted to show Thomas Jefferson’s architectural vision, independent of furnishings and how it appears today," says Brad Johnson, creative director at Second Story Interactive Studios.

Unlike a real-life tour, visitors can navigate the house at their own pace–skipping rooms or exploring places (like the home’s second and third floors) that tourists aren’t allowed to enter. "This piece is crafted with loving care," says judge Kevin Airgid. "You can tell by the attention to detail at every corner." Even though the project was built in Flash, he notes, the back and forward buttons still work, making the site easy to navigate.

1. The 3D tour was created from data gathered during a laser scan of Jefferson’s stately home, Monticello.

2. By clicking on the camera icon, users can access a picture of the room as it’s furnished and decorated today.

OUTSTANDING: NesteaIce.com

Design Firm: Juxt Interactive, Newport Beach, CA
Creative Director: Todd Purgason
Art Director: Jorge Calleja
Designers: Kenneth Macy, Justin Bernard
Lead Programmer: Victor Allen
Web Developer: Eric Lim
Lead Flash Developer: Christian Ayotte
Supporting Flash Developer: Erik Bianchi
Project Manager: Kristen Myers
Copywriter: Joe Shepter
Music/lyrics/performance: Leon "Locsmif" Douglas, Tony "4ize" Hayes
Music video director: Ahmi Manson
Executive Producer: Steve Wages
Client: The Coca-Cola Co.

There’s a cooling agent in Nestea Ice that makes it an "absurdly cold" beverage. And it’s the absurd part, perhaps, that’s driven traffic to NesteaIce.com. To promote this new beverage to college-aged consumers, Juxt Interactive created a site that takes full advantage of the web’s viral-marketing capabilities. The project serves up some quirky, unexpected and novel offerings–everything from humorous videos to a custom T-shirt designer–that users simply can’t help forwarding to friends.

Another goal, says creative director Todd Purgason, was creating a site that looked refreshing. A light blue background, for example, mimics the sky and ocean. Judge Jemma Hostetler definitely appreciated the effort: "This site provides such an engaging and fun experience that I felt as if I was swimming in Nestea." But she’s not the only one who had fun; pay close attention to the video under Ice Splash. Purgason makes a brief appearance as "disgruntled truck guy."

1. NesteaIce.com is aimed at the college set. "When they’re not drinking beer, they should be drinking Nestea Ice," says creative director Todd Purgason.

2. Instead of boring copy, clicking on Product Info leads to a cartoon about a medicine man named Fred.


Design Firm: 2Advanced Studios, Aliso Viejo, CA
Creative Director: Shane Mielke
Developers: Dave Cook, Kevan Norr, Sonny Kotler
Designers: Mike Hansen, Shane Mielke
Project Manager: Elijah Shepherd
Client: O’Neill Inc.

At Oneill.com, the grunge aesthetic of the surfing world plays sidekick to the action-packed lifestyle photography. It’s one of the strategies designers at 2Advanced Studios used to emphasize the gear company’s position as an industry leader. They wanted to create an elegant site with enough extreme sports verve to keep users interested–but not so much that the pages are overwhelming. Highlights include a soft, muted color palette that appeals to both sexes, eye-catching animations that are smooth rather than jittery and a thoughtful, inventive navigation system.

Juror Jason Kottke liked that the site allows deep-linking to specific product pages–something that sets it apart from more Flash-intensive efforts. "Being able to e-mail your mom a link with those ski pants you want rather than telling her to go to the front page, click on ‘snow,’ then ‘snow gear,’ then ‘explore,’ is key with e-commerce," he says. "You’re gonna lose sales with each one of those clicks."

1. Rolling over this navigation wheel makes menu options pop out like tools in a pocket knife. Users can quickly access content by sport or other categories.

2. This text menu bypasses many of the brand-driven lifestyle pages, taking frequent users right to the information they need.

3. A seashell allows users to easily turn off the soothing ocean sounds. The site also downloads a cookie that records the preference for future visits.


Design Firm: ZAAZ, Seattle & Sandstrom Design, Portland, OR
Creative Directors: Jon McVey/ZAAZ, Steve Sandstrom/Sandstrom Design
Project Managers: Whitney Zaring/ZAAZ, Jill Raleigh/Sandstrom Design
Art Director: Tim Klauda/ZAAZ
Developers: Jud Holliday, J.C. Vieth, Cole Peterson/ZAAZ
Information Architect: Susan Campbell/ZAAZ
Analytics: Matt Jacobs/ZAAZ
Copywriter: Palmer Pettersen/ZAAZ
Photography: Polara Studio, Mark Hooper
Sound: Mark Yeend/ZAAZ
Client: O’Neill Inc.

At its essence, Tazo.com is the next best thing to a steaming cup of Earl Grey–something the site’s designers know a little bit about. Tazo’s resident tea master hosted a tasting for the project team, and all those flavors left a lasting impression. "It was an amazing sense experience," says Tim Klauda, art director at ZAAZ. "We wanted to bring that online." Toward that goal, the site tries to create a real environment at every turn, featuring everything from gorgeous teacups to intriguing tea ingredients.

Judges Jemma Hostetler and Kevin Airgid thought the project did an excellent job of staying true to the Tazo brand. Casual visitors can use the Wheel-o-Tazo tea selector to quickly see the range of products the company offers, while enthusiasts can dig deeper, reading up on flavors, aromas and ingredients. There’s even a humorous page where users can get a fortune based on a virtual tea-leaf reading.

1. Steam rises from cups of tea, making the site feel more like a 3D environment.

2. The Wheel-o-Tazo lets users go straight to the product they’re most interested in.

3. Like the rest of the Tazo brand, the site pays careful attention to details. The tea leaf guru’s eyes, for example, follow a user’s mouse as it moves around the screen.

MERIT: African Life Through Art

URL: www.ima-art.org/cycles/index.html

Design Firm: Terra Incognita Productions, Austin, TX
Creative Director: Bart Marable
Technical Lead: Mark Baltzegar
Producer: Paco Link
Interactive Designer: Jayson Singe
Client: Indianapolis Museum of Art

MERIT: Pontiac

Design Firm: Digitas, Boston
Creative Director: Michael Tiedemann
Lead Designer: Howard Nager
Associate Director: Kenny Rennard
Senior Copywriter: Brook Long
Client: Pontiac

MERIT: Saturn Sky Microsite

URL: www.saturn.com/saturn/vehicles/futurevehicles/sky_hi/index.jsp

Design Firm: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Creative Directors: Will McGinness, Keith Anderson
Art Director: Will McGinness
Writer: Aaron Griffiths
Director of Production: Mike Geiger
Producer: Guy Overfelt
Production: Exopolis
Client: Saturn

MERIT: National Museum of American History

URL: americanhistory.si.edu

Design Firm: Mediatrope, San Francisco
Technical Director: Ethan Wilde
Creative Director: Tania Schwartz
Producer: Megan Regard
Designers: Elizabeth Kairys, Maja Brugos
Web Developer: Joshua Turton
Flash Designer/Programmer: Kiko Taganashi
Client: National Museum of American History

MERIT: KitchenAid.com

URL: www.KitchenAid.com

Design Firm: Digitas, Boston
Creative Director: John Gonnella
Assoc. Creative Directors: Oonie Chase, Leyla Touma Dailey, Colleen McGrail
Copywriters: Leyla Touma Dailey, Kristine Kazarian
Senior Art Director: Todd Spiewak
Art Director: David Scotney
Senior Designer: Aaron Sedivy
Client: KitchenAid

MERIT: The Grudge

Design Firm: Big Spaceship, Brooklyn, NY
Creative Director: Michael Lebowitz
Art Director: James Widegren
Designers/Animators: James Widegren, Dexter Cruz
Programmer: Joshua Hirsch
Producer/Copywriter: Karen Dahlstrom
Client: Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Digital

MERIT: AIGA Design Archives

Design Firm: Second Story Interactive Studios, Portland, OR
Creative Director: Brad Johnson
Producer: Jeremy Clark
Designer: JD Hooge
Programmers David Brewer, David Knape, Thomas Wester
Quality Assurance: Marti Johnson
Production Assistants: Carolyn Brewer, David Waingarten, Marti Johnson
Client: AIGA


URL: www.nke6.com

Design Firm: NemoDesign, Portland, OR
Creative/Art Director: Chris Hotz
Designers: Josh Spivey, Jamal Qutub, Chris Hotz, Brandon Schoessler
Programmers: Josh Spivey, Brandon Schoessler, Jamal Qutub
Client: NIKE

MERIT: Burger King: The Apprentice

URL: bkdev2.vml.com/a3/

Design Firm: VML, Kansas City, MO
Creative Director: Dan Kim
Assoc. Creative Director: Nick Crofoot
Art Director: Nick Agderian
Programmers: Gabe Wishnie, Steve Wright
Copywriter: Joel Henning
Client: Burger King

MERIT: MoMA Contemporary Voices

URL: www.moma.org/contemporaryvoices

Design Firm: Big Spaceship, Brooklyn, NY
Creative Director: Michael Lebowitz
Art Directors/Designers/Animators: Jens Karlsson, James Widegren
Producer: Drew Horton
Programmer: Kimba Granlund
Production Artist: Tyson Damman
Client: The Museum of Modern Art

MERIT: Harvard University Dining Services

URL: www.dining.harvard.edu

Design Firm: mediumbold, Boston
Creative Director: Michael Brandt
Designer: Kristen Hengst
Information Architect: Oriana Anholt
Programmer: Tom Dunn
Writer: Crista Martin
Photographers/Artists: Brent M. Hale, Lora Morini/Harvard University Dining Services
Client: Harvard University Dining Services


URL: www.NIKELab.com

Design Firm: R/GA, New York City
Art Director: Jerome Austria
Copywriters: Josh Bletterman, Thomas Pettus, Jamie McPhee
Designers: Gui Borchert, Mikhail Gervits, Elena Sakevich, Phil Lubliner
Interaction Designer: Carlos Gomez de Llarena
Production: Jennifer Allen
Programmers: Kumi Tominaga, Noel Billig, Stuart Buchbinder, August Yang
3d Artist/Animator: Kazz Ishihara
Video: Can Misirlioglu
Client: NIKE

MERIT: Convertible-izer-ometer

URL: www.neverinneutral.com/mini_convertible

Design Firm: TAXI, Toronto
Creative Director: Steve Mykolyn
Assoc. Creative Director/Writer: Jason McCann
Design Director: Alison Hladkji
Design/Development: pixelpusher.ca
Music/Sound: Simon Edwards
Interactive Producer: Andrea Schumeth
Client: MINI Canada

MERIT: Crash

URL: www.crashfilm.com

Design Firm: Big Spaceship, Brooklyn, NY
Creative Director: Dan Federman
Art Director: Mat Mejia
Designers: Mat Mejia, Simona Lo
Producer: Anna Baxter
Programmer/Animator: Scott Baggett
Client: Lions Gate Films


URL: www.NIKEiD.com

Design Firm: R/GA, New York City
Creative Director: Richard Ting
Art Director: Marlon Hernandez
Designers: Ian Brewer, David Hyung, Michelle Zassenhaus, Lara Horner, Andrew Thompson, John James, Takafumi Yamaguchi, Brian Votaw, Troy Kooper
Copywriters: Josh Bletterman, Scott Tufts
Interaction Designer: Matt Walsh
Production: Winston Binch, Harshal Sisodia, Matt Howell
Programmers: Scott Prindle, Sean Lyons, Chuck Genco, Stan Weichers, Martin Legowiecki, August Yang, Todd Kovner, Michele Roman
Client: NIKE

MERIT: The New Rush Microsite

URL: www.thenewrush.com

Design Firm: Wunderman, Irvine, CA
Exec. Creative Director: Anthony Di Biase
Creative Director: Michael Davis
Art Director: Charles Gerstner
Copywriter: Zac Ryder
Production Manager: Norm Karns
Interactive Design: Mike Stone, Milk vs. Logic
Programmer: Shali Fatolahzadeh
Client: Land Rover North America

MERIT: Boost Mobile Pro of Surf 2004

URL: www.boostmobilepro2004.com

Design Firm: Juxt Interactive, Newport Beach, CA
Creative Directors: Todd Purgason, Wally Fox/Boost Mobile
Art Director: Joe Stewart
Designers: Joel Szymanski, Sean Klassen
Programmers: Brian Kupetz, Adrian Lafond
Illustrator: Gary Benzel
Writer: Stacie Perry
Client: Boost Mobile LLC

MERIT: War of the Worlds

URL: www.waroftheworlds.com

Design Firm: Big Spaceship, Brooklyn, NY
Creative Director: Daniel Federman
Art Director/Designer: James Widegren
Producers: Drew Horton, Edward Looram
Animators: James Widegren, Tai U
Programmers: Tai U, Lee Semel
Copywriter: Drew Horton
Production Artists: Andrew Payne, Christine Yu
Client: Paramount Pictures


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