International Design Awards’ Judges Revealed

Finding the right judges for the International Design Awards is like pulling together a recipe that requires a delicate balance of ingredients to achieve a distinct flavor. The International Design Awards not only accepts entries from literally anywhere, but it spotlights a broad range of design work falling in any of its 19 categories that cover a variety of platforms.

The trick is two-folded in finding the ideal judges. First, they must take a multidisciplinary approach in their own work and can therefore understand the unique challenges various platforms entail, whether they are looking at printed projects, environmental graphics or interactive work. Second, it’s necessary to select individuals with an enthusiasm and interest in the international design community at large.

These judges will select the top winners from the International Design Awards, as these projects will be featured in our bestselling issue of HOW magazine and on, a website that attracts nearly 2 million visits annually. Without further ado, meet this esteemed panel of judges.

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Meet the Judges


From left: Stüssy Tschudin, Matteo Bologna and Hector Ayuso

Stüssy Tschudin, RGD President & Forge Media & Design Principal


Stüssy Tschudin is a founding principal of Forge Media + Design. Born and raised in Switzerland, he was a Swiss banker by day and a graffiti artist by night. Stüssy soon realized that his passion for the creative needed to be nourished and he followed his passion back to school to become a graphic designer.

With over a decade of experience in communication design and art direction, Stüssy provides key creative leadership to the Forge design team. His broad range of expertise includes  branding, identity, web, marketing communications, signage, wayfinding, strategy and conceptual development. For all projects, Stüssy’s mantra is “form follows function”. Applying his passion for typography, Stüssy ensures that every project is done to perfection, down to the last letter.

As Principal and Design Director at Forge, Stüssy manages relationships with major clients including Apple, Pfizer, and Red Canoe Heritage Apparel. He also provides creative direction for Forge’s growing portfolio of branding and web projects.

In 2012 Stüssy was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers and currently serves as President.

About the Association of Registered Graphic Designers

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The Association of Registered Graphic Designers’ mandate is to establish and promote professional standards and best practices throughout our industry.

Representing close to 3,000 graphic designers, managers, educators and students, RGD is a hub for the graphic design community, promoting knowledge sharing, continuous learning, research, advocacy and mentorship.
RGD was created by an Act of the Ontario Legislature (Bill Pr 56) and is the only graphic design association in North America to have this type of legislation. Bill Pr 56 “enables the Association to govern and discipline its members,” and also states, “Every member of the Association who meets the qualifications and conditions as set out in the by-laws of the Association may use the designations “Registered Graphic Designer” and “RGD”.

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Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design founder/creative director


Matteo is the founding partner and creative director of Mucca Design. Born and raised in Italy, his multidisciplinary background in architecture, graphic design, illustration and typography facilitated his early business successes, and inspired his decision to create a New York branding and design agency. Under his lead, Mucca has solved numerous design challenges and created uniquely successful work for global companies like Shinsegae, Whole Foods, Victoria’s Secret, Barnes & Noble, Rizzoli, Adobe Systems, and Target.

Matteo is also president of the Type Directors Club, and former board member of AIGA/NY. He frequently lectures about branding and typography around the world.

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Hector Ayuso, OFFF Founder

Hector Ayuso, founder of the internationally acclaimed creativity festival OFFF, has been working in the creative industries for over 20 years. Artist, filmmaker, creative director, storyteller, seeker, curator … why put a label on it? He thinks, and he makes. Whatever the details, his work is about creating unique experiences.

Simply put—he makes things. Fun things. Beautiful things. Things that make your heart race, and your mind whir. And he helps others make things. Engineers, programmers, artists, photographers, craftsmen … Anyone with potential. Hector also co-founded Atelier, a unique education center in his native Barcelona. As Hector puts it: “I don’t make people more creative. I don’t teach them skills. I just unlock whatever they have inside.”

About OFFF

Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 3.16.38 PM

What would happen if you brought the world’s best creative minds together, and invited them to collaborate? Not just the best designers, or the best artists, or the best potters. But every sort of artist and maker.

The answer is OFFF: a festival of creativity, involving some 20,000 people worldwide. Hector founded OFFF in 2000, and it’s still going strong.

It is more than just a Festival hosting innovative and international speakers, it is more than a meeting point for all talents around the world to collaborate, it is more than feeding the future.

OFFF is a community inviting all those who are eager to learn to participate and get inspired in a three-day journey of conferences, workshops, activities and performances. What is it about exactly? It’s a combination of Offline/Online designers, Motion Designers, Thinkers, Sound Designers, Graphic Designers, Theorists, Developers, Professionals, Students… Putting the titles aside, OFFF is made for the curious.

OFFF takes place in Barcelona annually while it tours the world as OFFF on Tour for the rest of the year.

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