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If you look long enough, you’ll find a different "holiday" to celebrate every day of the year. The Design Army team decided to take advantage of this to create a Christmas self-promotion that clients would hang onto year-round.

"The main message that we wanted to convey with this promo is that Design Army is fun," principal Pum Lefebure says. "Secondly, Washington has a conservative edge that we really want to redefine. Design Army is a risk-taker, and this was a prime opportunity to stand out among the mass of holiday cards that clients receive."

Judge Jenn Visocky O’Grady appreciated that the project showcases the firm’s wit. "Plus, you would keep it," she adds. Design Army’s favorite coaster designs are Twin Day, which features a two-headed sheep; Hugging Day, with its hairy masked wrestler; Nude Day, which sports a peeled banana; and Unlucky Day, which includes a three-legged rabbit.

Lefebure says they’ve been pleased with the results of the promo. "We got quite a few new clients from this promo, a new designer and, of course, lots and lots of kudos."

On the interior of the coasters’ paper wrap, the designers listed all 365 holidays they discovered as a pattern of red type on a red background.

Design Army uses its signature colors (red and brown) on all promo materials, including the coasters.

"The production end was a bit complicated, as all the parts were ordered from various vendors and then assembled in-house," art director Pum Lefebure explains. The coasters were letterpress printed in Tennessee, the eyelets and cord came from a vendor in New Jersey, the wrappers were printed locally and the mailing envelopes were ordered from Ohio.


HOW April 2006

Title: Everyday is a Holiday Coaster Calendar
Design Firm/Client: Design Army, Washington, DC
Art Directors: Pum Lefebure, Jake Lefebure
Designers: Tim Madle, Dan Adler
Illustrator: Tim Madle
Printer: Graphix


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