2006 International Design Award Winners: Annual Reports

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Think Positive

Judge Peleg Top calls this annual report for Croatia’s largest corporation a "typographic masterpiece." The entire book is set in a single font—only the size and weight vary. The firm was inspired by the Adris Group’s logo—a large serif ‘A’—to create this type-centric design.

To allow for lots of white space and an air of elegance, the designer created a two-sided book with two front covers, one in Croatian and one in English.

But there are also playful illustrations sprinkled throughout the book to capture the theme of "positive thoughts." The iconic images include a bridge to symbolize ideas, a pencil to suggest creativity and a pair of binoculars to convey the idea of the future.

Judge Jenn Visocky O’Grady’s favorite page includes an illustration of birds hanging out on wires made of words. The lines read: "It’s easier to create the future than to predict it."

To keep the pages from being too cluttered, the designers used a single font, Didot, throughout the book.

Both sides of the book include a special shareholder letter that was printed separately and then glued onto the pages.

Title: Positive Thoughts
Design Firm: Bruketa & Žini?, Zagreb, Croatia
Art Director/Designer/Illustrator: Maja Bagi?
Printer: Stega Tisak
Client: Adris Group



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