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Oh, Baby!

"My sisters live 2,500 miles away, so I was always asking them for updates on their children," explains designer Sallie Reynolds-Allen. "Weeks later, an envelope would arrive with a handful of pictures in it, but no note. Being new parents, they were limited on time—and sleep—during their baby’s first year. Keeping that in mind, the Baby Updates were designed to give new parents a quick, simple and creative way to update others on their child."

The HOW judges were impressed by the project’s elegant type design as well as its witty copy (provided by Reynolds’ husband, Elliott Allen, an advertising copywriter).

Reynolds-Allen easily convinced letterpress printer Melissa Foster of Elum Designs to collaborate with her on the project. "When moving to San Diego two years ago, I contacted Elum in the hopes of working together," Reynolds-Allen says. "Given their widespread audience of designers like myself (along with brides and new mothers), I thought the updates would be the perfect project to partner with them on." The results were perfect, too. Says judge Jenn Visocky O’Grady, "I would totally buy these for someone."

Designer Sallie Reynolds-Allen effectively combined the typefaces Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk, Sabon Italic and Clarendon to create a look of both elegance and humor.

Reynolds-Allen chose the color palette very carefully. She didn’t want to rely on the stereotypical blue and pink. The colors also needed to work for both large and small type on a letterpress.

Title: Baby Updates
Design Firm: Reynolds + Allen, San Diego; salliereynolds@earthlink.net
Art Director/Designer: Sallie Reynolds-Allen
Copywriter: Elliott Allen
Client/Printer: Elum Designs Inc.


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