2006 International Design Award Winners: Logos

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Where’s the Beef?

Henderson Bromstead’s six-year relationship with Hanes began with a small direct-mail project the firm completed for Hanes Printables, the division that oversees the Beefy-T brand. The business grew quickly during the last four years, and Henderson Bromstead took over all facets of Beefy-T’s marketing.

"The butcher theme for this season seemed to be a natural direction," says firm principal Hayes Henderson. "Using the cheesy vernacular of grocery-store and butcher-shop signage worked perfectly for conveying key messages about Beefy’s product line. The logo was used extensively across all materials, from catalog to trade ads, website and direct mail."

Judge Jenn Visocky O’Grady comments that, "It’s nice to see a mainstream brand do something so fun.

Henderson explains, "The folks at Beefy-T were pretty easy to convince, because over the years our campaigns have gotten more offbeat. Our client’s comfort level has grown with these promotions as their customers and industry types have waited to see what Beefy will do next."

While the essence of the idea for this project has been floating around NIKE and R/GA for years, this is the first time all the pieces came together. In the past, R/GA worked on a billboard that could be controlled with a cell phone, and NIKE previously hosted an SMS scavenger hunt. This project, however, was innovative in that it linked so many interactive marketing elements together. "I think this type of digital interaction is really new in the U.S.," says Brian Reed, NIKE senior manager of U.S. digital brand marketing.

1. Originally, the meat logo was created by designer Billy Hackley for a direct-mail T-shirt concept. "When we looked at it, we knew it had potential beyond simply a T-shirt graphic," principal Hayes Henderson says.

outstanding logo

Title: Beefy-T Logo
Design Firm: Henderson Bromstead Art Co., Winston-Salem, NC
Designer: Billy Hackley
Client: Hanes


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