Graphic Design Inspiration: 46 International Design Projects With Gusto

Calling all graphic designers, from the U.S. to Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland and everywhere in between. The International Design Awardsearly-bird deadline August 13—is the design competition known for spotlighting some of the best work around the globe. The winners fill the pages of HOW magazine’s best-selling issue of the year—one that professionals flock to for graphic design inspiration. 
The International Design Awards
 winners showcased in the awards represent a broad range of trends and styles; some distinctive to a project’s native country. Check out 46 award-winning international projects below in a variety of categories, from advertising and poster design to identity and signage. Do you think your work should be showcased next year?

46 Sources of Graphic Design Inspiration

1. TITLE The Pod Hotel | DESIGN FIRM Quirk, Singapore; | CREATIVE TEAM Rina Lim, art director; Myct Boon, Cynthia Goh, designers; Susanna Yap, copywriter; Wong Yu Lin, web developer; Angie Leung, account executive | CLIENT Michelle Lim

The-Pod-Hotel The-Pod-Hotel5 The-Pod-Hotel2

2. TITLE SSG Food Market | DESIGN FIRM Mucca Design, New York City; | CREATIVE TEAM Matteo Bologna, creative director; Roberta Ronsivalle, strategist; Andrew Cagan, account manager; Andrea Brown, art director; Kathleen Scudder, Yon Joo Choi, Luke Wilhelmi, Jeeyoon Rhee, designers | CLIENT Shinsegae

SSG-ShoppingBags-hires SSG-Logo-hires SSG_BoxesWrappingPaper-hires

3. TITLE Canada Post Pet Adoption Stamps | DESIGN FIRM Subplot Design Inc., Vancouver, Canada; | CREATIVE TEAM Roy White, art director; Matthew Clark, art director/production; Ross Chandler, designer; Monika Melnychuk, illustrator; Raina + Wilson, Raeff Miles, photography; Canada Post, copywriting; Liz Wurzinger, retouching/production; Steph Gibson, color bar illustration | PRINTER Lowe Martin | CLIENT Canada Post Corporation


4. TITLE The Unrefined Olive | DESIGN FIRM The Small Monsters, Montreal; | CREATIVE TEAM Sunil Sarwal, art director/designer; Josée St. Pierre, Virginie Trarieux, designers; Jazz Waheed, photographer; Laurie Larue, technical designer | PRINTERS Litho Milles-Isles, Reflet | CLIENT The Unrefined Olive

olive-2 olive-4 olive-7

5. TITLE Details | DESIGN FIRM MAKe Marketing Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia; | CREATIVE TEAM Mary Kellough, creative director; Rye Johnson, art director; Grace Lau, copywriter | CLIENT Craftworks Construction


6. TITLE COMMATRIX’s Brochure | DESIGN FIRM COMMATRIX, Keelung City, Taiwan; | CREATIVE TEAM Regina Wang, art director; Yan-Ting Chen, designer


7. TITLE Food Remedies for Arthritis | DESIGN FIRM Al Shabiba, Muscat, Oman; | CREATIVE TEAM Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali, editor-in-chief/CEO; Saif Al Muzayni, managing editor; Adonis Durado, art director/designer | PRINTER Muscat Press and Publishing House


8. TITLE A-Z: From Aid to Zed | DESIGN FIRM Times of Oman, Muscat, Oman; | CREATIVE TEAM Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali, CEO; Swati Dasgupta, features editor; Adonis Durado, art director/designer | PRINTER Muscat Press and Publishing House


9. TITLE Memória Militante Collection | DESIGN FIRM Casa Rex, São Paulo; | CREATIVE TEAM Gustavo Piqueira, art director/designer; Samia Jacintho, designer; Caroline Vapsys, Eduardo Rodrigues, assistant designers | CLIENT EDUSP

CasaRex_Militantes4 CasaRex_Militantes2

10. TITLE Too impulsive? | DESIGN FIRM Times of Oman, Muscat, Oman; | CREATIVE TEAM Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali, CEO; Swati Dasgupta, features editor; Adonis Durado, art director/designer | PRINTER Muscat Press and Publishing House


11. TITLE Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises | DESIGN FIRM Design Army, Washington, DC; | CREATIVE TEAM Pum Lefebure, Jake Lefebure, art directors; Mariela Hsu, designer; Dean Alexander, photographer; S.W. Smith, copywriter | CLIENTS The Washington Ballet, Washington Life

twb_hemingway_wl_c twb_hemingway_wl_b twb_hemingway_wl_a

12. TITLE TENacious | DESIGN FIRM Riordon Design, Oakville, Ontario; | CREATIVE TEAM Shirley Riordon, art director/copywriter; Matt Bandstra, designer/copywriter; Alan Krpan, Andaleeb Rizwan, designers; Ric Riordon, copywriter | PRINTER Somerset Graphics | CLIENT Riordon Design

Tenacious_Reveal_4 Tenacious_Reveal_2

13. TITLE The Big Issue | DESIGN FIRM Times of Oman, Muscat, Oman; | CREATIVE TEAM Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali, CEO; Swati Dasgupta, features editor; Adonis Durado, art director/designer | PRINTER Muscat Press and Publishing House


14. TITLE The Cube Calendar | DESIGN FIRM Stroomberg, Amsterdam; | CREATIVE TEAM Philip Stroomberg, designer | PRINTER Drukgoed & Paardekooper | CLIENT IGEPA Nederland BV

TCC_StroombergTotal2013 TCC_StroombergMay12 TCC_StroombergBoxes

15. TITLE Watercraft Branding | DESIGN FIRM Yellow Octopus Pte. Ltd., Singapore; | CREATIVE TEAM Kevin Thio, art director/copywriter; Rei Lim, Sarah Tan, designers/illustrators; Joanne Kwok, copywriter | PRINTER Pixel Tech Pte. Ltd. | CLIENT Watercraft Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Watercraft-4 Watercraft-7

16. TITLE Gunstock Ranch Bandana | DESIGN FIRM Merryweather Studios, Laie, HI; | CREATIVE TEAM Jay Merryweather, designer | CLIENT Gunstock Ranch Hawaii


17. TITLE Feeling Lucky | DESIGN FIRM/CLIENT Touchwood Design Inc., Orangeville, Ontario; | CREATIVE TEAM Shawn Murenbeeld, art director/designer/illustrator/copywriter; Jeff Katz, copywriter | PRINTERS JST Printing, Consolidated Bottle Corporation

GIFTS_5_Touchwood_Design_4of4 GIFTS_1-Touchwood_Design

18. TITLE Coke Bottle Calendar | DESIGN FIRM Ayse Celem Design, Istanbul; | CREATIVE TEAM Ayse Celem, art director; Sibel Esen, designer | PRINTER S Print Printing Company | CLIENT Coca-Cola Turkey


19. TITLE WC Gift Vodka: CHILL | DESIGN FIRM/CLIENT Wallace Church Inc., New York City; | CREATIVE TEAM Stan Church, art director/designer

Chill-Group CHILLtype20. TITLE Dripp Coffee Shop | DESIGN FIRM Turner Duckworth Design, London/San Francisco; | CREATIVE TEAM David Turner, Bruce Duckworth, Sarah Moffat, creative directors; Chris Garvey, art director/designer/illustrator; Rebecca Au Williams, designer | CLIENT Dripp

Dripp_1-sheet-Posters_L Dripp_1-sheet-VIS1_L_RGB

21. TITLE 2013 Target Canada Social Media Travel Posters DESIGN FIRM Target, Minneapolis; | CREATIVE TEAM Allan Peters, art director/designer; Lab Partners, illustration; Steve Chirhart, managing copywriter; Sage Rider, copywriter | CLIENT Target Canada

ENG_VancouverPost3-copy ENG_SaskatoonPost3-copy ENG_EdmontonPost3-copy

22. TITLE FS Emeric Launch Campaign: Type Specimen Booklet and Poster | DESIGN FIRM Believe in, Exeter, U.K.; | CREATIVE TEAM Tim Burley, strategic director; Phil Garnham, typeface designer (Fontsmith); Blair Thomson, art director/designer; Ian Thompson, copywriter (Thompson Brand Partners) | POSTER SERIES CONTRIBUTORS Bibliothèque; Lundgren+Lindqvist; Manual; Non-Format; DixonBaxi; Domenic Lippa/Pentagram; Studio Dumbar; MCP/ Build; Hey; Atelier Bernd Kuchenbeiser; NB; Believe in | PRINTER Identity Print, booklet; Dan Mather, poster series | CLIENT Fontsmith

BelieveIn_FSEmeric_Posters_11Heavy_NB Believein_FSEmeric_Posters_0Superfamily

23. TITLE Union Branding and Stationery | DESIGN FIRM Northink, Oshawa, Ontario; | CREATIVE TEAM Catherine McLeod, creative director/art director/designer; Lance Martin, creative director; Dave Rodgers, designer; Jennifer Dark, director of integrated production | PRINTERS 247 Integrated, Flash Reproductions | CLIENT Union

UNION_logos UNION_closeup4 UNION_closeup

24. TITLE The Table | DESIGN FIRM Rouse & Fable, Toronto; | CREATIVE TEAM Robert Pilichowski, art director; Lucas Espin, designer | CLIENT The Table


25. TITLE Rouse and Fable | DESIGN FIRM/CLIENT Rouse and Fable, Toronto; | CREATIVE TEAM Rob Pilichowski, art director; Dylan Upper, designer

Applied-Arts-Submission26. TITLE MADRE, Museum of Contemporary Art | DESIGN FIRM Leftloft, Milan/New York City; | CREATIVE TEAM Andrea Braccaloni, Francesco Cavalli, David Pasquali, Bruno Genovese, art directors | CLIENT MADRE, Museum of Contemporary Art Donnaregina


27. TITLE The Spectacle Company | DESIGN FIRM Carve Brand + Design, London, Ontario; | CREATIVE TEAM Jason Recker, art director; Jesse Gibb, designer | CLIENT The Spectacle Company


28. TITLE Coffee Cultures Logo | DESIGN FIRM Chen Design Associates, San Francisco; | CREATIVE TEAM Joshua C. Chen, art director; Max Spector, designer | CLIENT Coffee Cultures


29. TITLE LEX Studio Branding | DESIGN FIRM Agence Code, Montreal; | CREATIVE TEAM Pierre Chapdelaine, creative director; Martin Poirier, art director | CLIENT LEX Studio

LEX_monogram_AgenceCode LEX_stationery_AgenceCode30. TITLE Charity | DESIGN FIRM WPA Pinfold Ltd., Leeds, England; | CREATIVE TEAM Myles Pinfold, Richard Hurst, Stuart Morey, art directors/ designers; John Atkin, Trudi Atkin, Joanne Douglas, Pat Glover, Helen Hartley, Elaine Jackson, Kerry Kane, Greg Kirk, Angela Langlois, Chris McMahon, Liam Newmarch, Darren Pascoe, Emma Rutherford, Hayley Wall, Tom Walshaw, Nicci McNeil, designers; Phil Dodd, copywriter | PRINTERS Pressision, Digital Plus



31. TITLE Fiji Airways | DESIGN GROUP FutureBrand, Sydney/Melbourne, Australia; | CREATIVE TEAM Makereta Matemosi and family, masi artists; Sally Anderson, Ken Shadbolt, creative direction; David Green, senior marketing manager; Kris Sowersby, typography; Mark Chew, photographer | CLIENT Fiji Airways


32. TITLE CHARM Brand Identity Design | DESIGN FIRM BEAMY, Shanghai; | CREATIVE TEAM Ronn Lee, creative director/art director/designer; Yutien Peng, business director/copywriter; Lan Peng, Linz Lim, designers; Allan Tan, photographer; Phoebe Yeh, copywriter | CLIENT AGG Holdings Ltd.

Charm Identity Design-Beamy Creative CHARM_2PackagingCollaterals

33. TITLE Inscite | DESIGN FIRM Zync, Toronto; | CREATIVE TEAM Marko Zonta, art director; Jeremy Linskill, designer/illustrator | PRINTER Andora | CLIENT Inscite

INS_Logo_201211_DSC8087 INS_Bizcard_201211_DSC8168

34. TITLE FIFTYMEN Gig Poster | DESIGN FIRM McMillan, Ottawa, Ontario; | CREATIVE TEAM Michael Zavacky, designer/illustrator | CLIENT FIFTYMEN


35. TITLE Secure Elevator | DESIGN FIRM Moskovskie Novosti in-House Design Studio, Moscow | CREATIVE TEAM Anton Stepanov, art director; Mikhail Simakov, Alexey Ptitzin, Konstantin Kakovkin, designers; Anton Mariinsky, illustrator; Angelina Vlasenko, copywriter; Ilya Ruderman, art director (RIA Novosti Group) | CLIENT RIA Novosti Group


36. TITLE A Wedding Walk | DESIGNER Joel Derksen, Toronto; | CREATIVE TEAM Joel Derksen, art director/designer/illustrator; Leilah Ambrose, art director/copywriter | PRINTER Print Preview | CLIENTS Alex and Alicia

jd-a-4 jd-a-1

37. TITLE New Ideas 2013 | DESIGN FIRM Leftloft, Milan/New York City; CREATIVE TEAM Andrea Braccaloni, Francesco Cavalli, David Pasquali, Bruno Genovese, art directors | CLIENT Pedrali

Pedrali_DSC_003438. TITLE Reputation & Brand Manifesto | DESIGN FIRM Creative Centre—ATB Financial, Edmonton, Alberta; | CREATIVE TEAM Shane Ricketts, creative director; Antony Bernadou, art director; Chao Zhang, designer; Glenn Kubish, copywriter | PRINTERS McCallum Printing, MetalMark Engraving & Manufacturing | CLIENT Reputation & Brand Department at ATB Financial


39. TITLE SmartBook 2012–Taking the Business of Annual Reporting International | DESIGN FIRM Smart Media The Annual Report Company, Singapore;

AR_Smart_Book_2012-3 AR_Smart_Book_2012-1 AR_Smart_Book_2012-4

40. TITLE Triptea | DESIGNER Andrew Gorkovenko, Moscow; | CREATIVE TEAM Andrew Gorkovenko, art director/designer/illustrator; Ilya Mitroshin, copywriter; Artem Lebedev, calligrapher | CLIENT Triptea

TripTea-04 triptea-02

41. TITLE De fi lm en aiguille | DESIGN FIRM DIÈSE, Québec City; | CREATIVE TEAM Jasmin Robitaille, art director/designer; Nicolas Gilbert, production manager; Fanie Giguère, Anne-Gabrielle Couture, assistant designers | CLIENT Musée de l’Amérique française

diese767_mcq_affiche_defilmenaiguille42. TITLE DIE ZOMBIE DIE | DESIGN FIRM McMillan, Ottawa, Ontario; | CREATIVE TEAM Cory Haggart, Ray Besharah, art directors; Jared Barter, designer | CLIENT Ottawa Fringe Festival


43. TITLE LA TRAVIATA | DESIGN FIRM McMillan, Ottawa, Ontario; | CREATIVE TEAM John Collins, creative director; Taralyn Marshall, art director/designer; Juliana Remus, project manager | CLIENT Opera Lyra Ottawa


44. TITLE National Magazine Awards Poster | DESIGN FIRM Underline Studio, Toronto; | CREATIVE TEAM Claire Dawson, art director/designer; Fidel Pena, art director; Clea Forkert, Emily Tu, designers; Colin Faulkner, photographer | PRINTER Dollco | CLIENT National Magazine Awards

Post_nat_mag_awards45. TITLE Toronto Zoo—Panda Interpretive Centre | DESIGN FIRM Reich+Petch Design International, Toronto; | CREATIVE TEAM Tony Reich, art director; Carolyn Smith, project manager/exhibit designer; Vivien Chow, Kate Peer, Glenn Falcotelo, Amy Eaton, Jonathan Chetner, designers; Kerun Ip, photographer; Blue Sky Design, copywriting; Ron Flood, Monica Santos, Shawn Banerd, exhibit design team; Peter Holman, principal-in-charge/fabrication manager (Holman Exhibits); James Cummings, fabrication manager (Holman Exhibits); Victoria Manica, AV design (The Design Foundation); Global Exhibit Technologies, AV supply; Leona Mitchell, Erica Morris, Robin Hale, client representatives

R+P_Panda-Interpretive-Centre_02 R+P_Panda-Interpretive-Centre_03

46. TITLE Starbucks Typographic Murals | DESIGNER Jaymie McAmmond, Toronto; | CREATIVE TEAM Tyler Stevens, photographer | CLIENT Starbucks Coffee Canada



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