2011 Logo Design Award Winners

HOW’s Logo Design Awards brings forward some of the best and most clever logos. Get inspired by this year’s top 10 winners (presented in no particular order). Judge Von Glitschka selected the top 10 logos to be recognized in the gallery below. Read the Q&A with Glitschka to find out his overall favorite and what he looks for in an award-winning logo:

What was your overall impression of the logos entered in this year’s competition?
“Every design competition has the good, the bad and the ugly. I spotted all three types as I was going through the submissions. But overall, I was impressed with the range of marks submitted.”

Was it difficult to narrow it down to the winning 10, or were the top winners pretty easy to pick out of the crowd?
“It wasn’t too difficult to narrow down my selection to 30, but further narrowing that list down to 10 was very difficult. Design on some levels is subjective, so I really paid close attention to the end client and the audience the mark was intended for rather than merely the aesthetic of the graphic itself.”

What do you look for in an effective logo?
“I look for an appropriate style for the given audience, conceptual depth and the thinking behind it, cleverness, craftsmanship, and if provided—implementation. But ironically, the most important measuring stick you never get to judge a logo by in a competition is it’s effectual consequence over time. But I digress.”

Of course all 10 of the logos below are equal winners, but between us—do you have a favorite?
“Peace, Love & Desserts: The hand drawn organic quality of this mark is honest and authentic. It also translates to their print collateral and across a wide range of marketing venues. Makes me want to scarf a cupcake.”

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