7th Annual Logo Design Awards: Reader’s Choice Voting

HOW’s Logo Design Awards, presented by HOW Magazine and F+W Media—publishers of Logo Lounge 9—recognizes the best of the best when it comes to great logo design. A logo is one of the most important aspects of any business, and the team at HOW loves seeing the fantastic logos you’ve created.

As significant as the design of the logo is, the application of the logo is equally essential. That’s why we added an Identity Applications category this year, allowing you to show off anything created in conjunction with a logo—business cards, T-shirts, animated GIFs and more.

Rodney Abbot (Lippincott senior partner) and Bill Gardner (president of Gardner Design and founder of LogoLounge.com) reviewed your entries and selected 10 winning logo designs and 10 winning identity application designs.

Now, it’s your turn to weigh in! Until 12:00am EST on Wednesday, November 18, we invite you to vote for one Reader’s Choice Award winner from each of the two categories (surveys are located at the very end). The Reader’s Choice winners will receive additional attention in HOW magazine.

LOGO DESIGN Contenders

Please remember to read the project descriptions before casting your vote!

1. A– Z logo

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Description: The A– Z logo was carefully thought out to be minimalistic, unique and bold. It is smartly designed in a way that you can see all of the elements of the company name A – Z in it. The company provides all kinds of service (everything from a-z) from finance to marketing. Also the logo has hidden meanings; not only does it have [zig zags] which represents the adventure and trail they are ready to overstep for their clients, but it also has a mountain and a lake running from it, which refers to their location, which is Iceland. Designer/Firm: Jökulá Website: www.jokula.is

2. Blablabla

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Description: Tonik Agency is a public relations agency that has a newswire. So after having found the new name for the newswire (Blablabla), we had to find a main logo and logo variations for the subcategories of news. The purpose of a newswire is to spread the information to the media. That is why we played on the visual of diffusion. The logo represents the effect of water droplets (the news) and waves that they generate falling into the water. The ripples are the news displayed at large. With the same concept, we developed the visual thereafter for each news categories (sports, Arts and Culture, Finance, Entertainment, Travel, Business and Politics)  Designer/Firm: Phoenix The Creative Studio Website: http://phoenix.cool/

3. Campo D’Oglio

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Description: Campo d’Oglio is an innovative reality that condenses different aspects related to the world of golf. Campo d’Oglio created a pole where the golf became a way of life, a green oasis in the Franciacorta dedicated to the family and linked to the area where it stands. … The logo is original, easily reproducible, clear and striking. The name recalls the river near the complex. … Also it was [a] play on word[s]: in Italian language, “Capodoglio” is “sperm whale,” the big cetacean, [and the] image used to create the logo.  Designer/Firm: William Raineri

4. The Morton

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Description: The Morton is a century old building renovated into modern housing. While keeping its historic name, the building needed a new logo that nods to its history, feels modern and current, and looks forward with a goal of aging gracefully. We kept the core logo and identity elegant and classic while also providing secondary marks and type applications that help the identity feel exciting, of the moment, and appeal to the young professional resident our client was hoping to attract. We styled a demo unit, art directed photography, and created print and digital promotions that express the identity consistently across multiple touchpoints.  Designer/Firm: Conduit Studio Website: conduitstudio.com

5. Hotel Sorrento

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Description: The Hotel Sorrento opened its doors in 1909, at the tail-end of Art Nouveau. In the last century this landmark has seen many changes, but has always remained a cultural hub with strong ties to Seattle’s literary community. The original woodwork and marble flooring that remain give the hotel a library feel. For inspiration we studied vintage publishing house colophons and matched a shade of green drawn from a vintage hardcover. The Sorrento attracts the movers and shakers from the arts community, patrons who dress to be seen and speak to be heard—evoking the spirit of a peacock.  Designer/Firm: Civilization Website: builtbycivilization.com


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Description: Logo redesign and rebranding for a leading hungarian underground house music party series / event organizer group LAVALAVA.  Designer/Firm: Csaba Bernáth Design Website: http://csababernath.com

7. Orleans + Winder

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Description: Fashion and design purveyors Orleans + Winder are named for the cross-streets where their showroom resides, in the creative center of Detroit. Taking the Orleans + Winder initials “O” and “W” we formed a logo that gives the appearance of an uninterrupted winding road, paying homage to the intersecting streets. In creating the lettering we took inspiration from the brand’s gritty, industrial noire-looks paired with their minimal, stripped-down aesthetic.  Designer/Firm: Civilization Website: builtbycivilization.com

8. The Center—A Contemporary Event Space

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Description: The Center, a former museum of contemporary art, sits at the heart of downtown Cincinnati; furthermore, the space itself is comprised of sweeping angles and circular features. The logo reflects architectural details within the space and its location within the city, and nods to its history by pairing a humanist serif with a contemporary sans. A flexible, geometric pattern series speaks to The Center’s strategic positioning as the only customizable “blank canvas” venue in Cincinnati. An elegant, neutral-and-blush palette reinforces the venue’s historical gravitas, while inviting clients to flex their creative muscle and bring a modern touch to each event. Designer/Firm: Hyperquake  Website: www.hyperquake.com

9. The You Experience

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Description: The You Experience is a newly established advertising agency in Dubai, that aims to be different through the philosophy of cutting through advertising jargon and delivering smart ideas that don’t try to change people’s needs or behavior. The corporate identity design is an experimental approach to The You Experience’s vision, by simplifying the ‘You’ in English to the Urban dictionary and combining the ‘Ya’ letter in Arabic with the two dots and where intentionally it becomes a colon in English to tell a narrative for the written or visual language, defining a flexible and lasting identity.  Designer/Firm: 28 Design Consultancy   Website: www.28ers.com

10. World Trade Center

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Description: The World Trade Center is a unique entity across the globe. Together, it is at once of five office towers, a transportation hub, a retail complex and several major tourist destinations, all adjacent to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The World Trade Center brand identity was developed to closely reflect the energy of the entire district; respecting its past while staying focused on the future. The identity is constructed from the iconic symbols of the site; past, present and future. Together, they form a singular identity, which reflects the determination, importance and optimism that forms the World Trade Center. Designer/Firm: Landor




Note: Images are cropped; please click to enlarge images and view all identity applications images and GIFs. Some projects also include videos. Also, please remember to read the project descriptions before casting your vote!

1. BAROAK Annapolis

Vote for this identity application [Not a valid template] Description: The BAROAK logo features a modern interpretation of the lion shown on Belgium’s Coat of Arms holding two mugs full of frothed tap beer. True to Chef Teddy Folkman’s food concept, this logo underscores BAROAK’s original take on Belgian specialties – namely craft beer and mussels. The lion was created by artist Steve Noble using a hand carved wood print technique – with the same spirit of craftsmanship as the restaurant’s culinary offerings. The logo’s amber color calls to mind the restaurant’s extensive beer selection, while the black tones represent the pots of steaming mussels coming out of the open kitchen. Designer/Firm: Streetsense Website: www.streetsense.com

2. Echo Capital Group

Vote for this identity application [Not a valid template] Description: Echo Capital is an Investment Firm for Millennial entrepreneurs in the CPG space. They wanted a brand identity that reflected their forward-thinking edge while maintaining a very professional image. Simple shapes and unique colors create the repeating ECHO letterforms in the name, while the circles and squares lend themselves naturally to a system of patterns and icons. The clean-lined Avant-garde feeling stays away from “echo cliches” and establishes their distinctive presence in the financial industry. The responsive Website: utilizes scroll activated HTML5 logo and icon animations and immersive, entrepreneurial imagery. Designer/Firm: TRÜF Website: http://trufcreative.com


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Description: Dynamic logo and Identity for Flow. House music needs to have Flow. Flow is the musical initiative of DJ Franky Rizardo that started in 2013 as a Dutch weekly radio show. The initiative has now evolved into a musical movement, with a number of stage hostings on prestigious festivals both in The Netherlands as well as abroad like Dance Valley, Free Your Mind, Summer Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and so on. Flow is also a house music record label as of 2015. The logo represents the three different sub-genres of FLOW: deephouse, tech house and house music in general. Designer/Firm: Studio Hands Website: www.studiohands.nl

4. Huti’s 5

Vote for this identity application [Not a valid template] Description: A successful restaurateur nurturing a concept to bring fresh, healthy food at an affordable price wanted to create a high-energy brand that millennials could connect with and love. Inspiration came from the culinary adventures he experienced on his travels combined with the beloved Donkey on his ranch that served as the inspiration for the hard work it would take to get this restaurant off the ground. Enter Test Monki. Traveling highlands, lowlands, and all places in between, Don Kee Huti, serves as the inspiration for the South American inspired ‪cuisine. Designer/Firm: Test Monki Website: testmonki.com

5. Kumho Museum of Art Museum identity renewal

Vote for this identity application [Not a valid template] Description: This Logo was inspired [by the] exterior of the Museum’s building. Kumho Museum of Art building has a very different appearance that looks like a square. So I wanted to use that unique shape and turn it in to their very own identity. Designer/Firm: Mogwon Son

6. Little Urbanites Preschool

Vote for this identity application [Not a valid template] Description: Hybrid developed an identity system for Little Urbanites Preschool around the idea of playful building blocks. The goal was to create a logo and identity that expressed the urban nature of the school, the fun of learning and play, and the creativity of San Francisco. Designer/Firm: Hybrid Design Website: www.hybrid-design.com

7. Morris

Vote for this identity application [Not a valid template] Description: In a market saturated with cookie-cutter offerings, Morris was an outlier with true expertise and a love for sharing great food. The challenge was how to create a foundation upon which their brand could grow beyond the current marketplace, exposing the world to enriched food experiences. Pearlfisher Strategy created a holistic base rooted in the brand’s enthusiasm for good food, elite culinary expertise, and a love for sharing the two through transformational but accessible food experiences. From there, Pearlfisher Design developed a brand identity that could evolve with each new offering and a cohesive secondary language to evoke the brand’s heritage and legacy. The resulting system has allowed Morris to grow seamlessly from challenger food truck to New York institution. Designer/Firm: Pearlfisher Website: http://www.pearlfisher.com/

8. Seoul City Museum of Art – identity renewal

Vote for this identity application [Not a valid template] Description: This is a project that I redesigned—the old MI of Seoul City Museum of Art. The connected shape of [the] logo symbolizes the connection between the museum and audience. The appearance of line changing and flowing represents the vision of SEMA, which is “leading the flow of modern art.” Designer: Yong-Hyeok Shin Art DirectorSe-Ra Yoon

9. SU:VPA Brand

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Description: At Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each of the College’s six academic divisions is distinctly different, and they become powerful when they come together. Each academic speaks with their own tone of voice, and within the brand, they have been assigned their own unique typeface. Using a letterform from each, the eclectic composition of the College is reflected within the construction of the logo and variations. The result is energetic and bold and allows the academics to be specialized, while the College remains a collaborative environment. Designer/Firm: Leibowitz Branding & Design Website: www.leibowitz.co

10. The Honey Paw

Vote for this identity application [Not a valid template] Description: The Honey Paw is a new “non-denominational noodle bar” serving pastas from across the globe. The brand identity takes its cues from the restaurant’s name (according to Chinese legend, a bear scoops honey with its left paw), and pan-cultural traditions, styles and trends. It was designed with careful consideration for materials, from the letterpress edge-painted business cards and custom-printed masking tape, to the large-scale abstract noodles that adorn the façade. Designer/Firm: Might & Main Website: www.might-main.com

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