7th Annual Poster Design Awards Winners

Whether you’ve put your heart and skill into designing a movie poster, a poster that raises awareness, a letterpress poster or any other sort of poster, one truth remains: A great poster design is something to be proudly shared. HOW’s Poster Design Awards recognizes the best of the best when it comes to poster design, and we’re thrilled to share this year’s top 10 winners.

The readers of HOW voted for their favorite poster design from the top 10 Poster Design Awards winners, which were selected by Judge Allan Peters— associate creative director at Target, poster design lover and winner of pretty much every poster award on the planet.

Check out all of the winners below, plus see the Reader’s Choice winner below and in a future issue of HOW magazine!

Reader’s Choice Best of Show Poster Design: Thinking Blocks



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Company: IBM Design
Creative Team: Matthew C. Paul, Patrick Chew (designers)
Description: Thomas J. Watson started a legacy when he said, “All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think.” But, thinking is often the hardest work of all. As IBM revives the design culture that was established by those like Paul Rand and Ray & Charles Eames, it is important that we embrace thinking as well as making. We challenge ourselves to design solutions that make sense at a 5th grade level, and embrace the simple building blocks that make it all possible.


Sol Cycle


Designer: Ellen Schofield
Printer: Erik Hamline at Steady Co.
Description: This poster was created for the 2015 ARTCRANK show in Minneapolis. Because ARTCRANK is “a poster party for bike people,” I created a design where cycling was at the center of the universe.


Fair State Brewing Cooperative Poster Campaign


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Firm: Little
Creative Team: Mike Schacherer (designer)
Client: Fair State Brewing Cooperative
Description: At the heart of Fair State Brewing, Minnesota’s first cooperative brewery, is the unending connection between the brewer and their community. To fuel that connection, Little designed a poster series that spreads the word for all the opportunities to bring together beer enthusiasts with Fair State’s brewers. Into their second year, both taproom traffic and offsite sales are blowing away expectations while the brand and the beer are winning awards. Cheers to that.


Stevenson University School of Design Poster Brochure


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Designer: Tré Seals
Description: Every year, one graduate of the Stevenson University Visual Communication Design department is chosen and hired to design a poster brochure and envelope for to mail to prospective students and to hang throughout the university campus. As a member of the graduating class of 2015, I was honored with this opportunity. With the idea of “finding your passion” in mind, I started thinking of different ways to express this idea, as well as presenting the variety of opportunities available. I ended up with two possible variations of a word search: one already solved, perfect for display (the one that was used), and a second blank, interactive, and filled with opportunities to be discovered.


Unicorn Theatre Season 2015 Poster Campaign


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Firm: Design Ranch
Creative Team: Nathaniel Cooper, Michelle Sonderegger, Ingred Sidie (art directors), Jeremy Todd (designer)
Client: Unicorn Theatre
Description: Our objective for Unicorn Theatre was to create a bold series of captivating posters that captured the spirit of this year’s unconventional set of plays, while maintaining a recognizable identity through graphic metaphors.


100s of Connections


Firm: Studio MPLS
Creative Team: Dan Olson (art director), Brent Schoepf (designer)
Client: AIGA Minnesota
Description: AIGA Minnesota’s Portfolio 1-on-1 is a premiere event for students to interact directly with professionals and other students in the design field, providing the opportunity for a personal review and experience. We were tasked with bringing the theme “100s of Connections” to life by creating the identity and developing promotional materials for the event, including this poster.


Best of Bond


Firm: Studio MPLS
Creative Team: Dan Olson (art director), Ross Bruggink (designer)
Client: Trylon Microcinema
Description: We designed this poster for the Trylon Microcinema in Minneapolis. They showcased their Best of Bond series in May 2013, screening some of the best and most-loved Bond films every Monday and Tuesday of that month. We created this poster to compel the Bond audience and promote the series.


Minnesota State Parks


Firm: Studio MPLS
Creative Team: Dan Olson (art director), Christina Berglund (designer)
Description: As the summer approached, we designed a poster to celebrate Minnesota and its 67 state parks. These parks are spread across the state in such a way that you can find a state park within fifty miles of every Minnesotan! Featuring the name of each park and recreation area, this poster is a tribute to our home state and its fine tradition of outdoor recreation.




Firm: Brunet-Garcia
Creative Team: Jorge Brunet-Garcia (executive creative director), Aerien Mull (art director), Kedgar Volta (designer)
Client: Riverside Avondale Preservation
Description: This hand-drawn, screen printed poster was inspired by 1920s bootleggers who created labels for their bottles of illicit spirits. The roughness and imperfection of the type is a reflection of the boozy chaos and creative spirit of the Prohibition era. Centered around a flapper, the type reflects the pomp and preservation of the fundraising party it promotes.


KNOCK for MotionPoems



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Firm: KNOCK, inc
Creative Team: Sara Nelson (creative director), Meenal Patel (designer), Susan Blaska (senior account producer), Robert Campbell (production artist), Western Graphics (printer)
Client: MotionPoems
Description: MotionPoems is a non-profit that partners with filmmakers and poets to create short films with contemporary poems as the script. To reflect this convergence of disciplines, KNOCK partnered with MotionPoems to fully embrace its true meaning and renew its value in the community. Following branding development based on modular elements, KNOCK created posters to promote MotionPoems’™ sixth season premiere. KNOCK embraced the size and printing budget limitations and created a pair of posters that tile together to create a billboard effect for higher impact. The individual posters speaks to the two sides of MotionPoems™: literary and film.


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