2006 Promotion Design Award Winners – Corporate Identity

Your Ticket to Fashion

"Our main objective with this project was to reinvigorate the American Eagle Outfitters brand while staying true to its heritage," TBD principal Joel Templin says. "We decided to put a modern twist on the retro-industrial look everyone associates with AE to differentiate it from its competition."

The designers found inspiration in the utilitarian layouts of modern-day preprinted office forms and labels. The idea was to make it look as if AE workers found a variety of these forms lying around their warehouse and co-opted the papers as product labels.

"This produced a randomly repeated effect that also had a surprisingly human and charming quality," Templin explains. In the end, one pair of jeans might have three of the repeat tags on it, while another might feature one or two.

"It brings to mind the idea that these clothes are your ticket to freedom," says judge Carmen Pease. "Your ticket out of here, your ticket to fun. The tags really play to the lifestyle of the audience."

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Title American Eagle Outfitters
Design Firm Templin Brink Design, San Francisco; www.tbd-sf.com
Art Directors Joel Templin, Gaby Brink
Designers Joel Templin, Brian Gunderson, Eszter Clark
Client American Eagle Outfitters