2006 Promotion Design Award Winners – Letterhead

Fill in the Blank

Kinetic designed this business card for writer Alex Goh to look like an open book. One page is left blank so Goh can customize each card for its recipient.

“The idea was to create a business-card design that could also double as a cost-effective self-promotion platform,” says designer Roy Poh, “one that immediately draws attention to the creativity of the writer.”

So on one card, Goh might write, “Good writing is like poison gas. It should bring tears to your eyes. It should excite your nervous system. It should knock you out.” And on another, he might pen, “ … because the world would be a lesser place without words.”

The clever idea caught the attention of the judges. “What a great concept,” says judge Tricia Bateman. “I’d totally look forward to getting another card from this guy.”

That’s exactly how recipients of the cards have reacted. “Most of them were pleasantly surprised if not impressed,” Poh says. “Some were downright tickled.”

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Title Book
Design Firm Kinetic, Singapore; www.kinetic.com.sg
Art Directors Roy Poh, Pann Lim
Designer/Illustrator Roy Poh
Photographer Jeremy Wong
Copywriters Alex Goh, Roy Poh, Cat Phua
Printer Shotec Press
Client Alex Goh