2006 Promotion Design Award Winners – Photographer’s Promos

Seeing Is Believing

Designer Audra Brown helped turn photographer Jeff Corwin’s personal work into a stunning, oversized promotion that was sent to 4,000 top creatives and clients. “Since Jeff’s audience for this piece is designers, advertising agencies, art buyers and some end users, we’re talking about an audience that gets inundated every day with creatives’ work,” Brown explains. “It was important that the piece stand out. The extreme large size, and the fact that I insisted that it be delivered flat, make this piece very hard to ignore.”

So hard to ignore that the promo generated a large number of inquiries, many about hiring Corwin to shoot in his more personal style. “One of the best responses was from Michael Bierut of Pentagram, who hired Jeff to shoot landscapes for Bowdoin College, in Brunswick, ME,” Brown says.

As Corwin has traveled across the country for assignments, he’s seen pages from the promotion hung as posters in designers’ offices, which doesn’t surprise judge Bryn Mooth at all. “The photos are presented as fine art,” she explains. “I’d be inclined to carefully tear out pages and frame them for my walls.”

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Title Seeing Eastern Washington
Design Firm Brown463, Seattle; audra@brown463.com
Art Director/Designer Audra Brown
Photographer/Client Jeff Corwin, Jeff Corwin Photography, Seattle; www.jeffcorwinphotography.com
Printer Lithographix