2006 Promotion Design Award Winners – Posters

Pretty, Bloody Things

“This is my favorite piece in the show,” declares judge Tricia Bateman. “Roller derby is all about the dual life of the lady you wouldn’t suspect of getting her nose bloodied on the weekend.”

While hand-printing the posters on wallpaper was tough, the biggest challenge of the project was getting the headline approved. “The original headline for the poster was ‘floral printed bruises,’” says creative director Jay Miller. “This headline did not appeal to the client as being aggressive enough. They wanted something a little more in-your-face while maintaining the ‘oh so pretty’ aspect of the poster. After taking a deeper look into it, we came up with ‘elegantly injured.’”

The goal of the project, which the designers call “a labor of love,” was to create a poster that not only effectively communicated the event, but had the cachet of a collectible. Apparently they succeeded. Derby fans snatched up the entire print run at the event.


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Title MN Roller Girls
Design Firm Imagehaus, Minneapolis; www.imagehaus.net
Creative Director Jay Miller
Designer Ted Olson
Printer Look Ma, No Hands
Client MN Roller Girls