2006 Promotion Design Award Winners – Student Work

Stamp of Perfection

You have to look very closely before you realize that Lindsay Salet’s stationery is laser printed, hand stamped and stickered. Her attention to detail and careful construction belie her age and her budget.

But garnering close looks was exactly what Salet was going for. “I wanted everything to be handmade and have the tactile quality of good, old-fashioned letter writing—a lifelong hobby of mine. Because of this, I chose to use papers, rubber stamps and postage stamps that reflected the experience of letter-writing and receiving.”

Judge Sarah Whitman was impressed with the concept, as well as the execution. “You can tell a lot of care went into this system,” she says, “and the materials speak as much about the designer as the information she prints on them. Students sometimes have a hard time pulling off both complexity and polish. She does both nicely.”

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Title Lindsay Salet Stationery and Mini Sample Book
Designer Lindsay Salet, Atlanta; lindsay_salet@hotmail.com
School University of Georgia, Athens, GA; www.uga.edu