2006 Promotion Design Award Winners – Wearables & 3D Objects

Schlockingly Good

    “When I first started on the Box o’ Schlock, I designed it primarily as a vehicle      for sending out my T-shirt designs, as well as some hats and knit caps that I’d      recently produced,” says designer Eric Stevens. “From there, it just kind of grew      incrementally into what you see now.”

    The box ended up holding T-shirts, hats, stickers, postcards, a poster and a small      item (like a bottle cap or skull patch) carefully packaged as a “Completely and Utterly      Random Miscellaneous Novelty Item.” Stevens sent the box to current clients and      professional acquaintances in the hopes that they would keep at least some of the      pieces and be reminded of him often.

    “Though Stevens has a playful style, the box does a great job of showing his attention      to detail and devotion to craft,” says judge Megan Patrick. Stevens screen printed      everything from the outside of the box to the T-shirts and postcards inside.

    “During the entire design process, I constantly wavered between thinking that it was      something great, or that it truly was a box of worthless junk,” Stevens says. “Still haven’t      made up my mind. Anyhow, I find that a few too many design shops take themselves a bit too      seriously, so I try to not do that—that is, until I really hit it big and buy the most      expensive black beret I can find and then a BMW to match.” 

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Title Tower of Babel Box o’ Schlock
Design Firm/Client Tower of Babel, Portland, OR; www.babeldesign.com
Designer Eric Stevens