2016 Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Winners




01. Title 5BYFIVE Creative Self-Promotion for Fifth Anniversary Event | Design Firm/Client 5BYFIVE Creative, St. Louis; www.5byfivecreative.com | Creative Team Justin Sherwood, art director/designer; Shawn Maher, copywriter; Mike Lohrman, developer | Printers Advertisers Printing, Shirt Kong | Details 5BYFIVE collaborated to create an aesthetic that each team member felt reflected the foundation of everything they do: great design down to the smallest detail.

02. Title Anthem Branding Lifestyle Collection | Design Firm/Client Anthem Branding, Boulder, CO; www.anthembranding.com | Creative Team Michael Benjamin, creative director; Chris Gregori, art director/designer; Courtney McArtor, designer | Details The challenge was to create swag to promote the firm’s capabilities in designing custom apparel and promotional items that people want to wear and keep.

03. Title Belief Agency Reel | Design Firm/Client Belief Agency, Seattle; www.beliefagency.com | Creative Team Jesse Bryan, creative director; Ryan Clark, art director/designer/illustrator; John Raines, video editor; Andy Maier, animator | Details Belief agency turned to video to showcase what they do best: telling stories through film.

04. Title Happy [Blank]! Seasonal Chocolate Card | Design Firm/Client Clark Stanley Inc., Toronto; www.clarkstanley.com | Creative Team Abhishek Chaudhry, Tasha DiBiagio, designers/illustrators/photographers; Toronto Laser Services, laser cutting; Danielle Jedral, industrial designer | Details This seasonal chocolate card is a one-size-fits-all solution for winter festivities—designed, molded and packaged by Clark Stanley.

05. Title For you. On us. | Design Firm/Client Grow, Norfolk, VA; www.thisisgrow.com | Creative Team Drew Ungvarsky, executive creative director/chief executive officer; Quan Hoang, creative director; Brian Walker, technology director; Eamon Wyse, production director; Sonya Parker, producer; Eric Lohman, associate creative director; Ricky Williams, associate technology director; Bruno Porrio, art director; Joe Branton, design director, Nate Witte, lead developer; Darius Pilapil, Ann Yuan, Lookmai Rattana, Stanley Zheng, developers; Janice Pang, Brian Villalon, designers; Hannah Zaino, copywriter; Shawn Fenton, strategist; Echard Wheeler Photography; The Prince Ink Co., screen printing; Custom Boxes Now, The Yebo Group, box vendors | Details Intuitive design carries the user through a one-of-a-kind digital experience that makes selecting a well-crafted gift as fun as flipping open the box when it arrives.

06. Title Horrible Things | Design Firm/Client Ultra Creative, Minneapolis; www.ultracreative.com | Creative Team JoEllen Davis, Matt Schuster, Johna Reuvers, art directors; Sutasinee Seitz, designer; William Burns, copywriter; Krystal Myers-Leehy, production | Details These packaged chocolate bar designs transform not-so-wonderful themes (irrational fears, tech problems, insolent children) into alluring and visually appealing graphics.

07. Title Incite Magazine | Design Firm/Client Dixon Schwabl, Victor, NY; www.dixonschwabl.com
Creative Team Mark Stone, chief creative officer; Marshall Statt, Ann McAllister, creative directors; Ryan Moore, senior art director; Bob Charboneau, Ned Chatt, senior production managers; Stephanie Miller, prepress supervisor; Daniel Owens, senior mechanical artist; Karl Wiberg, senior writer | Printer Compu-Mail | Details The completed issue reached more than 12,000 executives and made a significant, positive impact among clients and prospects.

08. Title Insert Hop Pun Here Series | Design Firm/Client Watermark Design, Charlottesville, VA; www.designbywatermark.com | Creative Team Darcey Lacy, art director; Hannah Slagle, designer/illustrator | Details This campaign demonstrates Watermark Design’s passion for the brewing industry while showcasing illustrative skill that can be harnessed in packaging potential clients’ future products.

09. Title Lario Kingdom | Design Firm/Client King Lario, Atlanta; www.kinglario.com | Creative Team Ryan Brown, art director/designer/illustrator/photographer/copywriter; Richard Montgomery, illustrator; Ashley Rhoden, photographer/model; Kayla Steen, FRKO, Jade Carter, Bosco, Swigs McLane, models | Printer MGX Copy | Details King Lario’s zine, Lario Kingdom, was created to showcase a selection of their ideas and share their work with others.

10. Title Jovenville 2015 July Fore Tourney Invite | Design Firm/Client Jovenville, Newport Beach, CA; www.jovenville.com | Creative Team Joven Orozco, Betty Ko, art directors; Kenneth Lim, Andy Ruiz, Kristin Hinkley, designers; Lisa Boosin, copywriter | Details Each year, Jovenville hosts a golf competition for existing and potential clients. The promotion brought in business worth about 10% of the company’s annual revenue.

11. Title Lesli Ink Play | Design Firm/Client Lesli Ink, Toronto; www.lesliink.com | Creative Team Lesli Ferguson, art director; Danny Wu, David Kim, Marissa Korda, Liam Lawlor, Simone Robert, designers | Printer DT Print Solutions | Details Lesli Ink reimagined the alphabet as a coloring book and custom-designed every letter.

12. Title Love of Type Holiday Promo Package | Design Firm/Client PS Design, Irvine, CA; www.psdesigncompany.com | Creative Team Petre Spassov, art director/designer/illustrator
/photographer/copywriter/printer; Rebecca Spassov, printer |
Details The hand-folded box is meant to be ripped open to reveal a surprise—one of five unique ornaments, laser-cut and etched from quarter-inch white acrylic, and featuring a unique ampersand that was lettered by hand before being vectorized for production.

13. Title Make-A-Wish Gift | Design Firm/Client Eleven Peppers Studios, Gambrills, MD; www.elevenpeppers.com | Creative Team Kristen Parks, art director; Kate Rodman, designer/illustrator; The Eleven Peppers Studios team | Printers Indigo Ink, Windmill Letterpress | Details To say thank you to our clients, we made donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Each donation was revealed in a custom-designed package.

14. Title Paragon 2015 Holiday Mailer | Design Firm/Client Paragon Design Group, Savannah, GA; www.iamparagon.com | Creative Team Susan Isaacs, art director; James Donaldson, designer; Andrew Davies, designer/illustrator; Heather Grant, copywriter | Printer Rapid Press Inc. | Details This gift consisted of luxury wrapping paper accompanied by a humorous and handy guide on how to wrap different types of gifts.

15. Title Pay It Forward | Design Firm/Client Column Five, Irvine, CA; www.columnfivemedia.com | Creative Team Josh Ritchie, Nate Butler, art directors; Andrew Effendy, designer/illustrator
/photographer; Lindsay Hathaway, copywriter |
Printer Aardvark Letterpress | Details Column Five discovered a beautifully written letter from Benjamin Franklin that illustrates the pay-it-forward philosophy. They decided to create a poster based on the letter using modern typography, illustration and design styles.

16. Title Peace Offerings from Noise 13 | Design Firm/Client Noise 13 Design, San Francisco; www.noise13.com | Creative Team Dava Guthmiller, Christine Lee, art directors; Amanda Ortiz, designer/illustrator | Printers Reb Peters Press, The Ligature | Details Noise 13 Design incorporated local icons from the city of San Francisco in this intricately designed project.

17. Title PBD Holiday Gift: Soda | Design Firm/Client PBD, Brookline, MA; www.pbdboston.com | Creative Team Shannon Beer, Natalie Pangaro, art directors/designers; Holly Broussard, Jennifer Whitty Dominguez, Mary Reed, designers | Printers Zoxxbox.com, Avery’s Beverages
Details After years of explaining, “No, we’re not a brewery,” PBD finally opted to put their name to clever use. Private-label birch beer and root beer made for cheeky holiday gifts.

18. Title Pinnacle Bank 10-Year Anniversary Gift | Design Firm/Client Karsh Hagan, Denver; www.karshhagan.com | Creative Team Camille King, Lindsey Mills, designers; Dave Fymbo, copywriter | Printers Public Letterpress and Laser Engraving, InkLounge | Details To celebrate a 10-year client relationship, Karsh Hagan designed a wine bottle and poster set for Pinnacle Bank.

19. Title Pocket-Sized Pop-Up Book | Design Firm/Client Ayers Saint Gross, Baltimore; www.asg-architects.com | Creative Team Lindsay Story, art director; Eric Moss, Katy Hunchar, Dennis Lynch, Michelle Moseley, Susan Sullivan, Hans Graf, Kurt Pung, Logan Mahaffey, Noah Harburger, Katarina Carlin, project team | Printer Graphtec | Details This book was created to promote Ayers Saint Gross’ expertise in college and university student housing.

20. Title Salud! Letterpress Coasters | Design Firm/Client Traina, San Diego; www.trainadesign.com | Creative Team Dennis Garcia, Mark Gallo, art directors; Joe Ross, Ed Garcia, John Laird, Janice Arroyo, Joe Gunnon, Billy Spack, designers | Details Salud! Letterpress Coasters feature eight custom-illustrated drink coasters with the back side featuring a drink recipe, directions and associated glassware.

21. Title Stay With Me | Design Firm/Client GDLOFT, Philadelphia; www.gdloft.com | Creative Team Allan Espiritu, art director/designer; Chelsea Majuri, designer | Printer Perfect Communications | Details In an attempt to express the idea of “process,” this booklet contains a visual representation of packaged InDesign files for a selection of GDLOFT’s projects.

22. Title Tangram Tuna Party Invitation | Design Firm/Client Wallace Church & Co., New York City; www.wallacechurch.com | Creative Team Stan Church, art director; Tanawat Pisanuwongse, designer | Details Wallace Church & Co. placed the colors and patterns of their new identity onto custom-made tangram puzzle pieces.

23. Title Self-Promotional Booklet | Designer/Client Lindsay Jones, Carbondale, CO; www.lindsayannajones.com | Printer Basalt Printing | Details This small booklet, assembled with a sewing machine, was created as a promotional mail piece for Lindsay Jones’ fine art work, illustration and freelance design.

24. Title The Li’l Book to Beat Boredom | Design Firm/Client Lodge Design, Indianapolis; www.lodgedesign.com | Creative Team Jarrett Hagy, Jason Roemer, creative directors; Ross Shafer, Eric Stine, Eugene Ernsberger, Skyler Lawson, Bryan Morgan, designers; Cole Farrell, writer; AJ Scamihorn, project manager | Details For their holiday giveaway, Lodge Design hand-assembled a book of activities for clients and friends to enjoy.

25. Title Warmest Holiday Wishes | Design Firm/Client Latitude, Minneapolis; www.latitudeelevates.com | Creative Team Jason Strong, art director; Levi Lowell, Theresa Ptak, designers; Lisa Hall, copywriter | Details Latitude sent friends and clients branded Faribault Woolen Mills blankets made from natural and renewable materials saved from the landfill.

26. Title We are Builders, www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PNj9v1I5ic | Design Firm/Client RP3 Agency, Bethesda, MD; www.rp3agency.com | Creative Team Jim Lansbury, chief creative officer; Michael Carpenter, creative director; Jean-Pierre Bovie, associate creative director; Kyle Hurley, designer/animator (Mondial Creative); Keeley Davis, designer (Mondial Creative); Donna Schoch-Spana, producer; Ash Bruce, post producer (Mondial Creative) | Details RP3 Agency is focused on building meaningful connections between people and brands and creating opportunities that propel businesses forward.

27. Title Who Do We Think We Are? New Honor Society Brand Book | Design Firm/Client New Honor Society, St. Louis; www.newhonorsociety.com | Creative Team Rebecca Wulf, art director
/designer/illustrator; Brenna Vaughan, illustrator; Sudon Choe, photographer; Amanda Burch, copywriter |
Details The making of this brand book was an exercise in illustration, graphic design, self-promotion and self-reflection—a constitution of sorts for all Society members.

28. Title Year of the Monki, www.testmonki.com/yotm | Design Firm/Client Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; www.testmonki.com | Creative Team Suzy Simmons, chief creative officer/co-founder; Brad Petak, engagement architect/co-founder; Gabby Nguyen, design director; Yiwen Lu, senior designer; Allison Cortez, designer; Bianca Zaragoza, social media manager | Printer Red Paper Plane | Details With the Year of the Monkey coming around only every 12 years, the firm knew they had to take advantage with a name like theirs.

29. Title Zulu Mugs | Design Firm/Client Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; www.zulualphakilo.com | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, creative director; Mooren Bofill, Ryan Booth, designers; Jamie Morren, photographer; Kaidy Wong, copywriter; Greg Heptinstall, Jaimy Chua, Dayle Sheward, studio artists; Kari Macknight Dearborn, agency producer | Printer Universal Links | Details To promote their internal café for employees, Zulu Alpha Kilo created mugs that illustrate a day in the life of each discipline within the agency.