2016 Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Winners


01. Title Floating: A Visual Poetry of An Unfamiliar Shanghai | Design Firm Maester Design, New York City; www.maester.co | Creative Team Qian Sun, designer | Client Kishi
Details This exhibition showcases photographs taken as two artists reunite with Shanghai after having lived abroad, juxtaposed with the work they made while abroad.

02. Title Ecgberht Gin | Design Firm 5IVE, Minneapolis; www.5ivempls.com | Creative Team Boriana Strzok, art director; Andi Jordt, designer; Mike Borell, copywriter | Client 11 Wells | Details Deep moss colors and embossing complement the sophisticated taste and unique flavor of the gin.

03. Title Jack Erwin Wildsam Walking Map | Design Firm Stitch Design Co., Charleston, SC; www.stitchdesignco.com | Creative Team Amy Pastre, Courtney Rowson, art directors; Kristmar Muldrow, designer | Printer Superior Printing | Client Wildsam | Details Tribeca is the first of five New York City walking maps created in collaboration with Jack Erwin.

04. Title Kibota—Meshkinpour Wedding & Family Identity | Design Firm PS Design, Irvine, CA; www.psdesigncompany.com | Creative Team Petre Spassov, art director/designer/photographer
/copywriter |
Printer Czar Press | Clients Sheri Meshkinpour, Robin Kibota | Details The concept behind the art direction for this project was to meld subtle Midcentury-Modern forms with a geometric aesthetic.

05. Title Tin Man Branding | Design Firm EME Design Studio, El Paso, TX; www.madebyeme.com | Creative Team Joel Martinez, Boni Soto, art directors/designers; Richard Hill, photographer | Client Tin Man Filling Station | Details The amber growlers serve as the pinnacle of the brand, so it was important they display boldness and a unique sense of self.

06. Title University | Design Firm Design Army, Washington, DC; www.designarmy.com | Creative Team Pum Lefebure, Jake Lefebure, creative directors; Sucha Becky, art director; Lillian Ling, Gabriela Hernandez, Paul Dunbar, designers | Client Neenah Paper | Details With pull-out samples, this promo was designed to inspire through interaction.

07. Title Washin Air Total Visual Branding | Design Firm Clarence Lee Design, Honolulu; www.clarencelee.com | Creative Team Kuni Yamamoto, art director; Etsuko Ono, Hirona Ogawa, designers  | Client Washin Air Inc. | Details The airplane flying toward the ‘W’ (worldwide) symbolizes the goal of worldwide business expansion.

08. Title Neenah Paper Beauty of Letterpress Poster | Design Firm Gee + Chung Design, San Francisco; www.geechungdesign.com | Creative Team Earl Gee, art director/designer/illustrator; TPD Design House, concept and design for The Beauty of Letterpress Series | Printer TPD Design House | Client Neenah Paper | Details The firm’s solution uses the tools of letterpress as typographic forms.

09. Title L’Atlas Street Art by Perrier | Design Firm Mirrorball, New York City; www.mirrorball.com | Creative Team Michael Blatter, chief executive officer; Stephen Papageorge, executive creative director; Kim Paquet, creative director; Lucas Bernarroch, junior art director/designer; Reese Carpenter, designer/copywriter; Jeff Meltz, Laura June Kirsch, Sam Cannon, photographers | Client Perrier USA | Details Perrier USA launched a 360-degree campaign featuring digital content and live installation.

10. Title MCCF Gold Star Gala | Design Firm Dixon Schwabl, Victor, NY; www.dixonschwabl.com
Creative Team Mark Stone, chief creative officer; Marshall Statt, creative director; Ryan Moore, senior art director; Bob Charboneau, senior production manager; Stephanie Miller, senior prepress supervisor; Charles Benoit, senior copywriter | Client Monroe Community College Foundation | Details Recipients raved about this unique invitation package inspired by 19th-century Mississippi steamboat culture.

11. Title BLACKLAMB Brand Elements | Design Firm Auxiliary Advertising & Design, Grand Rapids, MI; www.auxiliaryinc.com | Creative Team Zac Boswell, art director; Jacqueline Sochacki, Ben Petersen, designers | Printers Spartan Graphics, Gilson Graphics, HollandLitho, Fastsigns | Client BLACKLAMB | Details These branding materials contribute to and integrate with the overall aesthetic of the contemporary boutique.

12. Title Our Family Knows Glasses | Design Firm Design Army, Washington, DC; www.designarmy.com | Creative Team Pum Lefebure, chief creative officer/creative director; Jake Lefebure, creative director; Mariela Hsu, Sucha Becky, art directors; Dean Alexander, director/cinematographer; Gabriela Hernandez, designer; Mark Welsh, copywriter; David Grossbach, editor; CVLT NYC, color grading; Dale Johnson, hair/makeup; Michelle Onofrio, wardrobe styling; Sidra Forman, food styling | Client Georgetown Optician | Details Rich photography, with typography that reflects an eye chart, underscores the Voorthuis family’s history.

13. Title TOT | Design Firm Keiko Akatsuka & Associates, Kawasaki-shi, Japan; www.keikored.tv | Creative Team Keiko Akatsuka, art director/designer/copywriter; Kiyoshi Nishioka, photographer; Takashi Seino, interior designer; Norikazu Minato, wood artisan; Yozo Okuda, ceramic artisan; Satoko Kuzushima, public relations | Client starpeace | Details TOT is made of natural materials and can be felt through the package.

14. Title Platform T Identity | Design Firm Karsh Hagan, Denver; www.karshhagan.com | Creative Team Charlotte Isoline, creative director; Camille King, senior art director/designer; Lindsey Mills, art director; Karen Morris, senior copywriter; Laurel Kelleher, copywriter; Anne Marie Salcito, account manager | Printer OZ Architecture | Client Platform T | Details The firm found inspiration in everything from ornate iron train archways to topographic map patterns.

15. Title We Are Tough Mudder | Design Firm Rokkan, New York City; www.rokkan.com | Creative Team John Noe, chief executive officer; Brian Carley, chief creative officer; Bill Carlson, Billy Veasey, creative directors; Ariel Hammer, senior art director; Justin Han, senior copywriter; Joe Tao, chief delivery officer; Sean Miller, chief strategy officer; Matt Garcia, senior vice president of client partnership; Rondell Wescott, Rebecca Matteson, senior producers; Zack Stoller, account supervisor; Rafael Ramirez, strategist | Client Tough Mudder | Details Tough Mudder events emphasize camaraderie over “finishing first.” The work aims to lower the bar for entry and put teamwork front and center.

16. Title Visual Identity of Taiwan Designers’ Week 2015 | Design Firm Ken-Tsai Lee Design Lab/Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan; www.behance.net/kentsailee | Creative Team Ken-Tsai Lee, art director/designer/illustrator; Yao-Feng Chou, Pei-Yu Chen, assistants | Client Taiwan Designers’ Week | Details This work symbolizes how designers observe, discover needs, search for solutions and achieve results.

17. Title Woodford F&B | Design Firm Might & Main, Portland, ME; www.might-main.com | Creative Team Sean Wilkinson, Arielle Walrath, art directors; Sarah McLean, Morgan DiPietro, designers; Knack Factory, photography; Kate Michaud, producer | Client Woodford F&B | Details The firm worked closely with the ownership to create a clean and just slightly throwback aesthetic.

18. Title Black Acre Brewing Beer Cans | Design Firm Timber Design Co., Indianapolis; www.timberdesignco.com | Creative Team Lars Lawson, art director | Client Black Acre Brewing Company | Details The bold, graphic imagery reflects the Black Acre Brewing persona.

19. Title Cinerama—A Seattle Legend Comes to Life | Design Firms Invisible Creature, Seattle; www.invisiblecreature.com & Belief Agency, Seattle; www.beliefagency.com | Creative Team Don Clark, art director/illustrator (Invisible Creature); Andy Maier, animator (Belief Agency) | Client Vulcan | Details Belief Agency helped translate a locally designed mural into Cinerama’s animated bumper reel.

20. Title PL360 | Design Firm Augeo+Greer, St. Paul, MN; www.augeogreer.com | Creative Team Katie Kuhlman, designer/illustrator; Ken Greer, marketing strategist | Client PL360 | Details The identity and packaging communicates three main principles—simple, natural and safe.

21. Title Uncle John’s Cans | Design Firm Auxiliary Advertising & Design, Grand Rapids, MI; www.auxiliaryinc.com | Creative Team Tom Crimp, Zac Boswell, art directors; Jonathan Carbonell-Ferguson, Ben Petersen, designers | Printer Ball | Client Uncle John’s Cider Mill | Details Hardworking typefaces inspired by historical logotypes for industrial farm equipment create a design
that feels fresh while being grounded in Uncle John’s roots.