9 Scandinavian Graphic Design Projects to Make You Swoon

Words like “clean,” “cool,” and “minimalist” have been used often to describe Scandinavian graphic design, a staple to the international graphic design landscape. The influence of this distinct style has had ripples in design aesthetics across the globe—as we’ve seen a number of entrants in design competitions like the International Design Awards, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian graphic design. The term “Scandinavia” is mostly used to encompass the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Fellow Nordic countries Finland and Iceland are also often generally associated with the term “Scandinavia.” Below, you’ll find nine projects hailing from these Nordic countries in Northern Europe. 

1. TITLE 7-Eleven Coffee DESIGN FIRM BVD, Stockholm

Swedish design firm BVD aimed to make the standard gas station coffee experience something special with this project, which took home the Best of Show honor in the International Design Awards.

With a brand as ubiquitous as 7-Eleven, changing up the design elements can be detrimental to customer recognition. Factor in the desire to “class up” a traditionally low-brow product—what one might deem “gas station coffee”—and the stakes are especially high. Luckily, Swedish 7-Eleven entrusted the future of its brand to design firm BVD, whose “simplify to clarify” philosophy turned what could have been a conceptual nightmare into an award-winning project. View full article

7-Eleven_HOW_1 7-Eleven_HOW_2 7-Eleven_mf 7-Eleven_HOW_3 2. TITLE Malmö Festival 2013 DESIGN FIRM SNASK, Stockholm

The theme of the 29th annual Malmöfestivalen, Scandinavia’s largest cultural festival, was “paper.” So Snask, charged with branding the event for the fi fth year in a row, wanted the entire city of Malmö to be coated in paper, in hopes of attracting the 1.5 million visitors who participate in the eight-day event.

malmofestivalen-2013_process_01_small malmofestivalen-2013_poster_small malmofestivalen-2013_process_05 malmofestivalen-2013_fotom_small malmofestivalen-2013_festival_03_small

“We created a visual concept where everything was made by hand and in paper,” says founder and creative director Fredrik Öst. “For a month, cutting, folding, gluing and modeling became the everyday task at Snask.” And he means everything: Snask designed and produced all the festival collateral, starting with a free 100-page magazine sent to 500,000 households, before moving on to a website, ads, stationery, environmental installations, banners, stage screens, badges and a slew of merchandise. The biggest challenge, besides the scope of the project, was the breadth of the festival—which includes music, sports, leisure, dancing, art and more. The branding also needed to appeal to every person in the geographic area, regardless of age, social status, economic level or gender.

3. TITLE Blossa Glögg DESIGN FIRM BVD, Stockholm BVD_Blossa_1 BVD_Blossa_19 4. TITLE Kalles Kaviar DESIGN FIRM Scandinavian Design Group, Oslo, Norway Kalles_sortiment_800_590_90_s_c1 5. TITLE Minna Parikka’s S/S 14 shoe collection ILLUSTRATOR Janine Rewell, Helsinki, Finland Minna-Parikka-3-highreso Minna-Parikka-2-highreso


6. TITLE Pino Identity DESIGN FIRM Bond, Helsinki, Finland PINO_muokattu_1 PINO_muokattu_2 7. TITLE Próject Patterson Flier & Invitation DESIGNER Ragnar Freyr, Reykjavík, Iceland patterson patterson1 8. TITLE Flying Seafood Identity DESIGN FIRM Your Local Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark flyingseafood1 9. TITLE Smoothie Package (made of gel packaging) DESIGN FIRM Tomorrow Machine, Stockholm/Paris smoothie_package1 smoothie_package3

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