5 Swiss Style Graphic Design Projects

It doesn’t get any more international than graphic design from Switzerland, which has been commonly called Swiss graphic design—or international style. This distinct look can embody such attributes as clean geometric shapes, grids and asymmetrical layouts along with a heavy emphasis on typography—predominately a sans-serif.

As Richard Hollis points out in his book Swiss Graphic Design: The Origins and Growth of an International Style, 1920-1965, the Swiss Style has crucial elements that are prevalent in the history of Modernism. These attributes remain in today’s graphic design landscape, and some can be observed in projects produced by design firms and companies in Switzerland (and around the world for that matter). Do you see traces of Swiss Style Graphic Design?

1. Cut to fit your face. Götte Customized Eyewear by Jung von Matt/Limmat (Zurich, Sitzerland)

Cuttofitface1 Cuttofitface2 cuttofitface3

2. Museum of Decorative Arts by Werner Jeker. (Lausanne, Switzerland)


3. Fogal Packaging Design by Fogal, a legwear and knitwear company. (Zurich, Switzerland)


4. Südpol 11/12 by Felix Pfäffli. (Lucerne, Switzerland)


5. Promotional Booklet by Ahoy Studios. (Zurich, Switzerland)

AHOY-book AHOY-book5

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