Announcing the Winter 2016 In-House Design Awards Winners

The HOW team spent 2016 searching out ways to celebrate the in-house design teams of the world. One week, we asked in-housers to reveal what their day-to-day looks like. Another week, we asked in-house design teams to hear about their most frustratingly humorous in-house clients. And another week, we found out what some in-housers’ favorite “survival” tools are.

And we were thrilled to yet again hold the annual HOW In-House Design Awards, which recognizes the very best creative work produced by designers doing in-house work for corporations, associations and organizations. We’re honored to be able to help shine a spotlight on this segment of the design industry through the Awards.

Out of more than 800 entries, the design awards winners you see below are the ones who made lasting impressions on readers like yourself and the In-House Design Awards judges—Andy Brenits, president of the Board, InSourceShani Sandy, executive creative director at S&P Global & digital lead, InSource; and Vanessa Dewey, art director, Mattel Inc. and member of the AIGA In-house INitiative Steering Committee.

Take a look at the Best of Show winner, the Reader’s Choice winner, the Outstanding Achievement winners and the Merit winners of this year’s In-House Design Awards, and go behind the scenes with these award-winning in-house teams in HOW magazine. Subscribe today to be the first to see the beautiful printed issue in your mailbox this winter.

HOW In-House Design Awards Winners


SFMOMA New Visual Identity Launch

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COMPANY/ORGANIZATION San Francisco Museum of Modern Art;
CREATIVE TEAM Amy Yu Gray, Bosco Hernandez, Sophine Lim, James Provenza, Jennifer Sonderby, Mathieu Stemmelen
DETAILS The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Design Studio has created a new visual identity to coincide with the opening of its new museum, which took place on May 14, 2016. Similar to the architectural features of its new expansion, the new visual identity is designed to be porous, open and welcoming, providing multiple points of access. Like the design of its expansion, the museum’s new visual identity was inspired by the surrounding hills and the water and fog of the San Francisco Bay.


Mercy Corps Brand Re-fresh


CREATIVE TEAM Dara Royer, Jennifer Dillan, Stuart Iwasaki, Lenore Ooyevaar, Mazana Bruggeman, Kirsten Anderson, Lisa Cicala, Jennie Hayes, Marbry Walker, Thomas Patterson, Elaine Beatley
DETAILS Mercy Corps is on the front lines of a world on fire. Every year, our work impacts the lives of more than 25 million people facing poverty, oppression and suffering around the world—yet we are largely unknown. Now more than ever, we need our team and the world to understand and engage with our work. So two years ago we embarked on a ground-up evaluation of our brand to unite the global team and clarify who we are, what we do and why we matter.

Based on 18 months of rigorous brand research and validation, the team built a visual and messaging identity system that distilled our brand positioning, behaviors and voice. Each element of the refreshed brand was designed with care to reflect our brand attributes: bright, bold, connected, collaborative, courageous and open. From there, the design team developed original concepts that sparked excitement from leadership, who advocated for a slightly increased budget to expedite the development of the visual and verbal identity system. The strategy was deemed “Operation Groundswell”: inspire the field teams — the base of power in the organization — to love, embrace, and activate the brand.

The refreshed brand was rolled out as scheduled at the global leadership gathering in Uganda in January 2016. The brand presentation received the event’s only standing ovation and was the highest-rated session of the weeklong gathering. This prompted the CEO to send a global message to the team about the energy behind the new brand and his support for the new direction. Immediately, the field teams began embracing and activating the brand in their own countries. Visits to the online brand portal tripled immediately. A global outpouring of support rolled.



A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA and Beyond


CREATIVE TEAM Hsien-Yin Ingrid Chou, Derek Flynn, Danielle Hall
DETAILS A Japanese Constellation brings together a group of contemporary architects that revolves around master architects Toyo Ito and Kazuyo Seijima. The title wall identity highlights the idea of a “constellation” of architects, creating letterforms from a network of dots and connecting lines. The architects’ bios and respective projects, represented by a model, drawing or video, are integrated with the title, creating a constellation that continues into 3D space.

This motif carries through the interior walls of the exhibition, where titles, philosophy quotes and architectural drawings revolve around models and framed artworks. The exhibition concludes with a documentation of an initiative born after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Conceived as not only a building project but also a means to revive a sense of community lost during the earthquake and tsunami. A dotted map with images present the building projects in their regional locations.

Art Lab: Places and Spaces


CREATIVE TEAM Hsien-Yin Ingrid Chou, In-Hee Bae
DETAILS Art Lab: Places and Spaces was an interactive space where visitors and families could explore and play as they learned about places in art. Though many of MoMA’s visitors are international, we wanted to communicate different ideas of how “place” could be interpreted. We created an animated title wall inspired by the idea of “portals,” where typography and icons of various world landmarks interacted with static wall graphics. Throughout the space we created environmental graphics and activities, like a world map where kids could draw and pin their home country, and interactive doors that when opened, revealed a different image and location. Our goal was for kids of all backgrounds to learn, engage and have fun.


Brand Identity Guidelines


CREATIVE TEAM Ronald Shapiro, Cindy Hu, Lynn Bruni
DETAILS Our brand guidelines were a bit out of step with our current brand and didn’t include many visual examples to illustrate what we are talking about in text. Like any brand, we are ever-evolving, so this version is the most up-to-date and comprehensive document we’ve ever produced and distributed. Our company was founded in 1909, so this was really the first time that ALL aspects our brand were captured in one document. For a company of about 100 employees, with international representation in 13 countries and multiple outside vendors, it was important to create one document so that all parties have a clear understanding of how to represent and speak about our organization.


If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It Campaign


COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Norfolk Southern, Norfolk Office Safety Committee, Norfolk, VA;
CREATIVE TEAM Laura Walker, Audra Byrn, David Ray, Andrew Gressard, Lance Russell (Barefoot Films), Neil Grochmal, Josh Evans, Veronica Dana
DETAILS Without a budget and limited resources, the “If You’ve Got it, Flaunt It” campaign was to remind all Norfolk Southern employees, contractors and visitors to visibly display their issued identification cards at all times. Posters, a folded handout and videos were created on a shoestring budget to remind everyone the proper way to display those IDs. The actors were actual employees of the company.


Le Corbusier + Jenneret


CREATIVE TEAM Jennifer Mahanay, Annaka Olsen, Kinney Sheth, Todd Simeone, Ross Floyd, Devin Ehrenfried
DETAILS This auction catalog celebrates the work of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. Research, photography and design were created by our in-house team, drawn directly from Le Corbusier’s philosophies of the Chandigarh city plan, golden proportion and color palette.


Peavey Amplifies Business Intelligence

CREATIVE TEAM Brett Abramsky, Laura Walters, Mike Esser, Jason Arthurs, Andrew P Johnson, Andrew Manson, Rachel Rooney, Brandalyn Powell
DETAILS This customer success story features the audio equipment manufacturer Peavey Electronics. We approached this customer story as a shared story—one that revolved around Peavey’s unique journey from company inception to its latest advances with our technology. We built on-screen graphics that focused on connecting the live action visuals and story to Peavey’s products and business challenges. Our approach resulted in a video that integrated a lesson on the origins of rock-n-roll, a discussion about innovation, and an example of how a company outside of the tech industry improved their analytics and reporting with an implementation of Red Hat’s solutions.


Pepsi Homemade


COMPANY/ORGANIZATION PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City;
DETAILS Pepsi and SodaStream teamed up to give consumers what they wanted: great tasting soda made fresh. Pepsi has a century of experience perfecting sodas and SodaStream is an expert in giving consumers the unique ability to make it their way. The result was Pepsi HomeMade: “created by us, made by you.”

Now consumers can craft a beverage where and when they want with quality ingredients. Pepsi HomeMade is sweetened with real sugar and stevia, which provides an authentic and delicious mid-calorie soda. The experience is easy, fun and the instant transformation of water to soda feels a little bit magical.


Performance is Everything: New Products 2016


CREATIVE TEAM Jimmy Dunlop, Joey Tosi, Graham Shaw, Justin Butler, Mick Waller, Max Baloian, Donavan Sell, Fred Andres, Josh Bettenhausen, Ben Lunden, Andrew Haney, Peter Danzig, Kyle Luck, Chris Danzig, Jon Carr, Joseph Trau
DETAILS “Performance is Everything” is the platform on which we’re building all creative for the year. The goal of this particular campaign was to generate excitement around our new product offerings for 2016 and impress on our user base that Dunlop is the brand that understands the musician’s lifestyle. Rather than market our products using endorsements from famous musicians, we featured an undiscovered working band from the San Francisco Bay Area using our new gear to play a gig, taking the viewer on a journey from the van to the stage. Showing our products in their natural environment, as a band would use them, was a fresh perspective in our design and marketing, resonated strongly with musicians, and brought a lot of well-deserved exposure to a great unsigned band.

The biggest challenge was the timeline. The ideas went from sketch to completion in fewer than 10 days and made it just in time for our largest annual trade show—NAMM in Los Angeles.


Q2 Architecture Box


COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Q2 Software Inc., Austin;
CREATIVE TEAM Katie Glantz, Jack McBee, Janell Hendricks, Sarah Handlos
DETAILS “How do we take something so technical and make it easy to understand?” This challenge was the core of the architecture box project, Q2’s biggest and most customized direct mail campaign of 2015. Tasked by the sales team to create a door-opening piece that communicates the value of Q2’s software architecture, the Creative Services team decided on the use of a recognizable concept (building construction) as a means to describe the benefits of Q2 software’s underlying architecture. From the skyscraper look and feel of the custom wooden box to the “blueprint” representation of Q2’s software, the architecture metaphor unifies the creative throughout—and helps deliver a complex, technical message in a way that resonates with c-level executives.