Announcing the Winter 2016 In-House Design Awards Winners


Architecture/Interior Design

TITLE CallisonRTKL Branding
CREATIVE TEAM Thom McKay, Katie Sprague, Steven Norris, Claire Propsting, Cory Strischek, Anne Chan, Melody Hung, Mostafa Moselhy, Marissa Pirog, Noel Rivard, Elizabeth Paterson, Angelia Duncan, Cedric Martineau, Stephen Zippe, Christine Beltrane, Caye Burry, Kristin Tilley, Raibar Chener, Ashley Ross
DETAILS The new CallisonRTKL brand had to unite two existing brands across 17 offices around the world.


TITLE Tell a Story: Executing Design as a Narrative
CREATIVE TEAM Elizabeth Vereker, Al McKee, Olivia Ward, Colleen Masusako, Morgan Weatherford, Jeorge Jordan, Donald Koide, Verda Alexander, Primo Orpilla, Denise Cherry
DETAILS Interior design is a grown-up version of playing with a box. This book looks at the many elements that go into creating a design narrative and the different kinds of stories it is possible for a designer to tell.


TITLE The Artist Series
CREATIVE TEAM Elizabeth Vereker, Donald Koide, Paulina McFarland, Olivia Ward, Jon Schramm, Jasper Sanidad, Al McKee
DETAILS The O+A Artist Series is a campaign of quarterly mail-outs to friends and colleagues that distributes art created by O+A employees and inspired by O+A interiors projects.




TITLE 30 Pearls of Wisdom Issue of Insperity Magazine
CREATIVE TEAM Neil Brown, Ron Bloomingkemper, Sally Darling, Barbara Henshaw, Natalie Barsalou, Joanne Salt, Terry Parker, Sheri Francis, Clarence Parker, Eunice Garcia, Michelle Yard
DETAILS This issue of Insperity magazine is one of the most popular pieces of marketing collateral in Insperity’s history; over 6,000 copies were ordered within the first few months.


TITLE Bambu by Sprout Social
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Sprout Social, Chicago;
CREATIVE TEAM Rusty Cook, Laura Lozano, Nick Lacke, Melissa Flowers
DETAILS Bambu enables brands to increase their reach on social media by providing a simple way for their employees to share curated content across their social networks.


TITLE CONNECT | 16—Q2 Client Conference
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Q2 Software Inc., Austin;
CREATIVE TEAM Sarah Handlos, Thomas Fuller, Katie Glantz, Stephanie Hudspeth, Janell Hendricks, Joe Yancey, Patrick Higgins, Jack McBee, Kate Donalson
DETAILS Q2’s internal creative services team is annually tasked with creating an event brand that welcomes customers to Q2’s hometown, conveys warmth, and builds customers’ confidence in Q2’s strategy and technology vision.


TITLE Fossil Generation Symposium
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City;
CREATIVE TEAM Brandon Guffey, Ann Scheer, Aaron Fiddelke, Joe Bathke
DETAILS The goal of communications and event materials for Burns & McDonnell’s annual Fossil Generation Symposium is to entertain and inform. The Transformers® movie series inspired the 2015 event.


TITLE From the Ground Up Book
CREATIVE TEAM Rachel Allen, Tim Casart, Brian Doherty, Cinzia Mercuri, Jonathan Nielsen, Alice Nita, Stephen Rollick
DETAILS The team was challenged to interview 40 thought leaders from key organizations and publish a book with the highlights to show how the internet of things will transform aviation.


TITLE Ideas That Fly Volume 21
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Herff Jones, Yearbook Marketing, Charlotte, NC;
CREATIVE TEAM Ann Akers, Heidi Lilly, Lynn Strause, Kristen Creed, Greg Rutkowski and Rashaad Bilal
DETAILS Ideas That Fly showcases the best covers, themes, layouts, coverage and photography from hundreds of yearbooks printed by Herff Jones and serves as a source of inspiration for staff.


TITLE Saint-Gobain Future Sensations
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Saint-Gobain, The Hive—Saint-Gobain’s Creative Hub, Malvern, PA;
CREATIVE TEAM Amanda Froehlich, Tina Cox, Kristin Dankanich, Sandra Campbell, Eric Marcussen, Paul Nangle
DETAILS One of the objectives was to increase awareness of Saint-Gobain among external audiences, and the project did that by doubling company awareness.


TITLE The Muséo Line Marketing Materials
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, New Haven, CT;
CREATIVE TEAM Faye Pite, Chery Targonsky, Melissa Matos, Emily Paecht, Kristen Bylan, Leslie Saunders
DETAILS The team refreshed the Muséo Line brand, with the intention of evoking timeless artistry in all marketing materials.


TITLE Totally VIP Kit
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION OneSource Virtual, Irving, TX;
CREATIVE TEAM Matt Regis, Jaclyn Williamson
DETAILS This VIP invitation kit reflects elements synonymous with the 1980s, while at the same time raising the classification of the corporate event to something more refined than simply a “theme party.”


TITLE Watercolor Offering Memorandum
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION CBRE Property Marketing Center, Houston;
CREATIVE TEAM Emily Lyszaz, Roni Finch, Michelle Cox
DETAILS To surpass the “expected” look for a commercial real estate offering memorandum, we added special graphic treatment to the logo, textured pages and a hard cover with plush leather finish.


TITLE WorkHuman 2016 Integrated Campaign,
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Globoforce, Southborough, MA;
CREATIVE TEAM Lisa Hoff, Jennifer Perry, Jessica Klay, Julie Maguire, Carrie Rogers, Sarah Payne, Kelli Carley, Aaron Kinne, Steven Miller Photography, Storykind, Cramer, Brian Moore
DETAILS Pre-show, the team created enticing banner ads, social campaigns, web designs and direct mail pieces. Onsite, they created over 170 unique deliverables, including onsite videos edited in conjunction with the live event.