Announcing the Winter 2016 In-House Design Awards Winners



TITLE 88th Academy Awards Animated Feature Posters
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Beverly Hills, CA;
CREATIVE TEAM Hailey Nowak, Mandy Eastley, Amanda Noviello, Ford Oelman
DETAILS To celebrate the five animated feature films nominated for an Oscar in 2016, designer Hailey Nowak created this set of category posters, inspired by the movies of 2015 and linked by our identity system.


CREATIVE TEAM Roger Hyde, John Vetter, Amanda Assadi, Richard Griffin, Roman Sciascia, Mark Robinson, Sanchez Stanfield, Richard Griffin, Mike Polovsky, Billy Lewis, Lauren Abrams, Scott McDermott
DETAILS To highlight the benefit of AT&T AdWorks, an addressable advertising tool, the team captured funny moments with vivid characters mismatched with products they would never buy, reminding buyers to “stop showing the right product to the wrong customer.”


TITLE CNN on LINE Messenger
CREATIVE TEAM Aimee Schier, Michael Hogenmiller, Alberto Mier, Daniela Dewendt, Samantha Barry, Ashley Codianni, Masuma Ahuja
DETAILS This was a collaboration between the design team and the editorial social team to create a visual language for CNN on LINE official account.


TITLE Flashcards For The Future
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Creative Artists Agency, Los Angeles;
CREATIVE TEAM Alice Ann Wilson, Camilla Behrens, Lawrence Rubin, Benard Creative, Rachel Kropa, Natalie Tran, Mark Wind
DETAILS Every holiday season, the CAA Foundation makes a gift to an organization on behalf of Creative Artists Agency’s client. This holiday gift design was created to reveal the enduring importance of education resources, posed in the simple and time-honored format of flashcards.



TITLE Hallmark Channel’s Spring Fling On-Air Promotional Graphics
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Crown Media Family Networks, Studio City, CA;
CREATIVE TEAM Kathleen Bloome, Amie Serio, Jennifer Lee-Temple
DETAILS Each piece of this package was designed, modeled, textured and partially animated within Cinema 4D, eventually being brought into After Effects to fine tune and bring all the elements together into larger-scale animations.


TITLE Refer-A-Friend Commercial
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION DISH, OneTen Creative, Englewood, CO;
CREATIVE TEAM Jessie Eck, Brian Bennett, Cory Voyzey, Nancy Perales, Michael Kinner and Olivia Koszuta
DETAILS DISH wanted to deploy an all-graphics, DRTV spot to jumpstart the Refer-a-Friend program. The tone had to be soft and conversational—but drive response.




TITLE Capital One Mobile,
CREATIVE TEAM Tash Bauer, Jason Bryant, Blair Christopher, Dan Cottner, Robbie Dillon, Claire Drayton, Jeff Goss, Chad Hobgood, Richie Hollins, Jimmy Jones, Sabrina Ngai, Adey Salyards, Beth Shoup, Kim Spencer
DETAILS The apps leverage many of the technologies inherent to the platform as well as a significant amount of underlying technology that has changed how Capital One builds products.


Food & Beverage


TITLE Aquafina Redesign
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City;
DETAILS The new identity for Aquafina captures a sense of movement and fluidity, which instantly triggers associations with moving water that give meaning and depth to the label.


TITLE F!ZZ: Grab Life by the Bubbles!
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City;
CREATIVE TEAM PepsiCo Design & Innovation, PepsiCo Foodservice
DETAILS Every aspect of the F!ZZ environment, including the architecture and graphic design system, reinforces a singular and consistent brand vision.


TITLE Fritos Tacos and Doritos Locos Taco Holsters
CREATIVE TEAM Christopher Ayres, Brittany Langdale, Alex Ezell, Tracee Larocca, Kristen Dawe
DETAILS The objective was to ignite excitement and interactive, “camera-ready” moments that would put Fritos Tacos and Doritos Locos Tacos fans into share mode upon unwrapping their tacos.


TITLE Gruit Series
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co., Vankleek Hill, ON, Canada;
CREATIVE TEAM Jordan Bamforth, Michael George Haddad, Edward Zucca, Denis Routhier
DETAILS The team designed and illustrated beer bottle labels for a series of gruit ales released quarterly on equinoxes and solstices.



TITLE Harvest Integrated Campaign
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas;
CREATIVE TEAM Evie Bark, Dustin Lauffer, Greg Hodgson, Ernesto Zita, Shawn Cloninger, Jessey Riley, Erika Kurtz, Gloria Grace, Mike Harris
DETAILS The objective was to create complimentary collateral to a new regionally sourced, farm-to-table dining experience at Bellagio Hotel & Resort, while incorporating the idea of fresh ingredients in a surprising and delightful way.


TITLE Horizon Macaroni and Cheese
CREATIVE TEAM Kate Coslett, Kae Penner-Howell, Noel Barnhurst
DETAILS A leader in organic foods for 25 years, the team gave Horizon a design makeover that is focused on the future yet true to its heritage.


TITLE Lay’s Summer Days Limited Edition Packaging
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City;
DETAILS To bring the spirit and character of an iconic global brand like Lay’s to life, the team partnered with French artist Malika Favre, known for her bold, minimalist style.


TITLE Pepsi Prestige Bottle
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City;
DETAILS As the first of its kind, this premium bottle presents an iconic shape that makes a bold, forward-thinking statement that is unmistakably Pepsi.


TITLE PepsiCo Mix It Up 2016
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION PepsiCo Design & Innovation, New York City;
CREATIVE TEAM PepsiCo Design & Innovation, PepsiCo Foodservice
DETAILS At this immersive, sensorial experience at Milan Design Week 2016, guests saw, smelled, tasted, touched and heard how PepsiCo is shaping the future of design and culture itself.


TITLE Starbucks Fall Promotion & Hot Cups
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Starbucks Coffee Company, Starbucks Global Creative Studio, Seattle;
CREATIVE TEAM Jeffrey Fields, Dena Blevins, Steve Murray, Kristy Cameron, Ethan Johnson, Stephanie Vandenack, Victor Melendez, Jimmy Balch, TJ Hatfield, Krispijn Larrison
DETAILS The objective was to stay true to the heritage of Starbucks’ beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte and create a compelling in-store experience for customers.


TITLE Zena Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir Package
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Jackson Family Wines, Santa Rosa, CA;
CREATIVE TEAM Chelsea Terrill, Alison Ashworth, Shilah Salmon
DETAILS To communicate a sense of local awareness and respect, the design centers around landscape and textural imagery from the Pacific Northwest region and the vineyard estate.