Announcing the Winter 2016 In-House Design Awards Winners



TITLE Cycle in the City
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION City of Kansas City, City Communications, MO;
CREATIVE TEAM Karen Daugherty
DETAILS The Cycle in the City Brand celebrates community, active living and outdoor fun. The palette is colorful and vibrant, and the illustrative style evokes the playfulness of the festival.


TITLE DDC’s In House Design
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION City of New York, Department of Design and Construction,
CREATIVE TEAM Michael Estabrook, David Akey, Peter Bossio, Alex Cerrilla, Richard Dimaio, Julio Foronda, Hoey-Ling (Helena) Lee, Kristen Myers, Matthew Lapiska, Leila Lin
DETAILS To support the new Commissioner’s goal of making the Department of Design and Construction more forward-facing, the team made the DDC brand more cohesive, establishing the rules of the new visual language and extending it to printed books, posters, on-site signage and digital media.


Health Care


TITLE MetLife Federal Dental Campaign
CREATIVE TEAM Allison Chess, Geneva Grace Kellam, Michael Mulcahey, James Goncalves, Maria Danar, Jill Hynes, Sandy Diaz
DETAILS The “Choose More for Your Smile” campaign featured MetLife’s spokespeople, the PEANUTS© gang, as a way to highlight the plan benefits and underscore MetLife’s brand presence amongst other dental carriers.


TITLE One Day, Every Day: 2015 FMOLHS Annual Report
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Our Lady of the Lake, Baton Rouge, LA;
CREATIVE TEAM Timothy Samaha, Catherine Harrell, Kristin Romero, Brian Biamonte, Staci Brimer, Jason Cohen, Marie Constantin, Ashley Gaudreau, Gerard Guinigundo, Brad Kemp, Troy Kleinpeter, Martha Meyers, Tim Mueller, Bobby LeCompte, Jamie Orillion, Kari Walker, Derek Wohltman, James Young, Robert Johannessen
DETAILS The annual report includes 112 images that demonstrate the scope and impact of what happens every day in the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System.




TITLE 92Y 2016 Gala Invitation
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION 92nd Street Y, New York City;
CREATIVE TEAM Francesca Faber, Howard Levine, Amy McDonald, Charles Gates
DETAILS The invitation needed to convey that the Spring Gala, 92nd Street Y’s biggest fundraising event of the year, was a not-to-be missed event, while staying within the confines of a nonprofit print budget.


TITLE Dadaglobe Reconstructed
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION The Museum of Modern Art, New York City;
CREATIVE TEAM Hsien-Yin Ingrid Chou, Tony Lee, Jr.
DETAILS Dadaglobe Reconstructed reunites over 100 works created for Dadaglobe, Tristan Tzara’s planned but unrealized anthology, originally slated for publication in 1921.


TITLE Everywhen
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, MA;
CREATIVE TEAM Steven Waldron, Adam Sherkanowski, Zak Jensen
DETAILS The catalog for Everywhen: The Eternal Present in Indigenous Art from Australia provides a cultural framework to help understand these objects, emphasizing the importance of the land, the rich narratives that cleave to it and the art it inspires.


TITLE ICA/Boston Gala 2016 Invite
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston,
CREATIVE TEAM Leila Simon Hayes
DETAILS The objective was to produce an invitation that was simple but unusual, reflecting the surprising nature of this particular gala.


TITLE Ice Age Hair Ball Invitation
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County,
CREATIVE TEAM Emily Carlson, Neil Sadler
DETAILS The Ice Age Hair Ball is a bi-annual fundraising event for the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum. Attendees are encouraged to sport their most outrageous hairdos and party the night away.


TITLE Intersectionality 101,
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance, Montgomery, AL;
CREATIVE TEAM Russell Estes, Valerie Downes, Scott Phillips
DETAILS Intersectionality is a big topic. This student-friendly video teaches the basics.


TITLE Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955–1980
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION The Museum of Modern Art, New York City;
CREATIVE TEAM Hsien-Yin Ingrid Chou, Sabine Dowek, Chris Rypkema, Danielle Hall, Camille Sacha Salvador
DETAILS The exhibition aimed to introduce the public to a largely unfamiliar subject matter. Inspired by the idea of modularity, the team designed a custom typeface for the exhibition identity.


TITLE One-Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Visions of the Great Movement North
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION The Museum of Modern Art, New York City;
CREATIVE TEAM Hsien-Yin Ingrid Chou, Damien Saatdjian, Eva Bochem-shur
DETAILS This MoMA exhibition reunited a series of sixty landmark paintings by Jacob Lawrence, which depicted the mass movement of African Americans from the South to the North starting in 1915.


TITLE The Secret World Inside You
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION American Museum of Natural History, New York City;
CREATIVE TEAM David Harvey, Catharine Weese, Elizabeth Anderson, Eleanor Kung, Joshua Marz; Gloria Mendez, Toni Gabor, Rachel Edsill, Michael Meister, Lydia Romero, Rob DeSalle, Susan Perkins, Lauri Halderman, Sasha Nemecek, Margaret Dornfeld, Martin Schwabacher, Helene Alonso, Harry Borrelli, Sarah Galloway, Joseph Levit, Ariel Nevarez, Bob Peterson, Brett Peterson, Jose Ramos
DETAILS The subject matter posed a significant design challenge: how to make an immediate, immersive experience out of things that are invisible to the naked eye. The exhibit also had to transcend the “yuck” factor inherent in many of the processes involving bacteria.


TITLE WorldVentures Foundation Rebrand
COMPANY/ORGANIZATION WorldVentures Marketing, Plano, TX;
CREATIVE TEAM Chris Schultenover, Brittani Kroog, Rebecah Beauchamp, Sloane Tittle, Geneva Stimac, Greg Keathley, Victoria Watson Nguyen, Travis Brown, Felicia Fuller, Chance Page, Shannon Benson
DETAILS The logo exhibits how two hearts share one bond, united by service. The heart of the volunteer and the heart of the child seamlessly intertwine.