Design Inspiration: Creative Ideas for Designers

A graphic designer’s most valuable asset is his/her creativity — and it needs constant care and feeding. Here you’ll find creative thinking exercises, brainstorming tips, activities for creative teams and design inspiration, all geared toward helping you develop the best graphic design solutions. Don’t neglect your creativity. Feed it. Nurture it. And let it breathe. Let it be accessible for when you need it most.


Gift Card Packaging: Unique Designs to Inspire Your Creativity

When presenting a special gift to a loved one, you’d never simply plop it down in front of them unwrapped. At best, they’d find it rude, and at worst, they’d take it as a personal insult. In the same way, companies and organizations who present gifts to their clients, guests, or even their own...

Pressing On: Keeping Letterpress Alive

Design language is global. Get recognized today. What is letterpress? Who uses it today? And who will use letterpress in ten, twenty, forty years? Those are just some of the questions that co-directors Andrew P. Quinn and Erin Beckloff attempt to answer in Pressing On: The Letterpress Film. Anybody can easily set type digitally,...