Design Inspiration: Creative Ideas for Designers

A graphic designer’s most valuable asset is his/her creativity — and it needs constant care and feeding. Here you’ll find creative thinking exercises, brainstorming tips, activities for creative teams and design inspiration, all geared toward helping you develop the best graphic design solutions. Don’t neglect your creativity. Feed it. Nurture it. And let it breathe. Let it be accessible for when you need it most.

How’d They Do That?

This piece, titled Reinvent the Feel, is a printed sample found in The Design Collection: Pearlized swatchbook. It’s foil stamped with two colors on one side, and printed 1 PMS on the other. Let’s take a closer look at this piece, the steps it took to produce it, and key considerations when working with...

Art As Witness: A Chat with Steve Brodner

Art as Witness: Political Graphics 2016-18, co-curated by Steve Brodner, features over 200 political artworks, graphic design and illustrations opening October 6 and running until November 3, 2018 at the SVA Chelsea Gallery in New York.