15 Free Fonts from Behance

One of the best things about being a designer/artist/maker/etc. is sharing your work with the people around you. And the people the next state over. And all the people online. And, well, pretty much anyone who will take a moment to look, appreciate and critique your creation. Artists love sharing so much that we have nearly endless platforms and websites built specifically for showing off. Dribbble, Bēhance, Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram—the list goes on.

Take a moment to appreciate the works of Bēhancers with these free fonts from around the world.


1. ANURATI // Emmeran Richard // Free for Commercial & Personal Use


2. Sunday // Anastasia Dimitriadi // Free for Personal Use*


*contact designer for commercial use

3. Oranienbaum // The TypeType & Oleg Pospelov // Free for Commercial & Personal Use

 4. <<zwo drei>> // Lukas Bischoff // Free for Personal UseFree_Fonts_zwodrei

5. Selima // Jroh Creative // Free for Commercial & Personal UseFree_Fonts_Selima

6. IKRA Slab // Sergey Godovalov // Free for Commercial and Personal Use in exchange for a Tweet


7. Lombok Regular // Alexandre Pietra // Free for Personal Use // Commercial Licensing Available


8. BERNIER // Ryan Pyae // Free for Personal Use*

*Contact designer for commercial use

*Contact designer for commercial use

9. Verano // La Tipomatica // Free for Commercial & Personal UseFree_Fonts_Verano

10. Playlist // Artimasa Studio & Free Design Resources // Free for Commerical & Personal Use


11. Cast Iron // Jeremy Vessey // Free for Commercial & Personal UseFree_Fonts_Cast Iron

12. Korneuberg Slab // Flö Rastbichler // Free for Personal Use // Commercial Licensing Available


13. Kirvy // Yousef Habchi // Free for Commercial & Personal Use


14. Bold Face // maghrib lab // Free for Personal Use*


*Contact designer for commercial use

15. Canter // Fontfabric & Christopher JH Lee // Free for Personal Use*


*Contact designer for commercial use

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One thought on “15 Free Fonts from Behance

  1. 1_4_9_studio

    Regarding the ‘Canter’ typeface: according to the PDF that downloads with the file, it is, in fact, free for commercial use:

    “All fonts on the site (fontfabric.com) available for free download (except “Baron”) can be used for both personal and commercial work.”