2012 HOW Interactive Design Awards Outstanding Awards

In the 2012 Interactive Design Awards, the competition was tough. Along with the Best of Show winner, these five entries stood out as being among the best of 2012. See all the winning entries in our 2012 Interactive Design Awards gallery. You can see all the award-winning designs in HOW’s March 2012 issue, too!

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Outstanding Student Work

Quick Response

detroit college for creative studies interactive display

Students in the experience design class at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies created this installation to get viewers to interact with the exhibit and one another via Quick Response (QR) codes. “One of the aims was to create a new use and possible expanded meanings for the QR code, apart from the standard dead-end informational links or ubiquitous advertising deployments,” says Nick Sternberg, the faculty lead. 

They kicked the kiosk concept, instead projecting and pasting QR codes on walls and windows in the exhibition space. The students built apps for iOS and Android to control the networked cameras, projections and lighting. “We were really tired by the time opening night came,” says student Rachel Ariyavatkul, “but when it did, the crowd was so receptive to the installation, and their excitement drew more people in.”

  • Title: Quick Response
  • School: College for Creative Studies, Detroit
  • Creative team: Rachel Ariyavatkul, Jennifer Barrett, Paolo Catalla, Brian Hendrickson, Cate Horn, Brian Jacob, Lani Kercado, Aileen Klebba, Amanda Matzenbach, Alex Poterek, Will Ruby, Nick Sternberg

Outstanding Miscellaneous

The Test Tube with David Suzuki

test tube with david suzuki website

Just a little over a century ago, the world’s population was 1 billion. Today it’s nearly 7 billion. The Test Tube with David Suzuki (a Canadian scientist and environmentalist) is an interactive explanation of exponential growth and what it means for our planet. Visitors are asked to share what they would do if they had one extra minute, and then as Suzuki tells his story, related Twitter updates flow into the background.

Loc Dao, executive producer of digital content and strategy for the National Film Board of Canada and the cocreator and producer of the project, calls it an “interactive parable about our insatiable appetites, the fallacy of growth, and the things we can and can’t change.” 

Judge Tyson Damman of Big Spaceship says, “This piece affected me more emotionally than any other I reviewed.” What would you do if you had one extra minute?

Outstanding Online Promotion

Kleenex Hand Towels

kleenex hand towels website

When a product’s purpose is to clean up unwanted messes, making your point without making it gross can be a challenge. But Studiocom’s site for Kleenex Hand Towels is super clean. 

The star of the site is the Hand Towel Analyzer. “This interactive quiz lets moms evaluate—in an engaging and very playful way—just how dirty their cloth bathroom hand towels really are,” says creative director Todd Slutzky. After completing the quiz, visitors who aren’t totally ashamed can share their results on Facebook, find the products in a store near them, and post a picture of the towels in their own home.

  • Title: Kleenex Hand Towels
  • Design firm: Studiocom, Atlanta
  • Creative team: Chris Edmondson, Jennifer Sims, account directors; Todd Slutzky, creative director; Nancy Talero, associate creative director; Freddy Fajardo, art director; Moria Campbell, Gray Chapman, Amy Small, copywriters; Anibal Camargo, Oscar Gomez, Manuel Ortiz, senior designers; Ryan Fuquea, Lynn Neuman, project managers; Jamel Clarke, Stan Jester, technical directors; Mehmet Uzer, user experience designer; Andres Bernal, Kyle Boyce, implementation; Cherie Garvey, Emily Hill, analytics; David Barrios, Matt Coughlin, Mauricio Dulce, Miguel Leyva, Julian Orjuela, Diego Osorio, Jairo Pinzon, Wilber Rivera, developers; Vikash Kumar, Virgil Olteanu, Ada Nathalie Sanchez, quality assurance
  • Client: Kimberly-Clark 

Outstanding Consumer Website

Foo Fighters Official Website

The ’90s didn’t spawn a lot of long-lasting rock bands, but the Foo Fighters are the closest thing the grunge generation has to Rolling Stones-level endurance. When it came to making the band a new website, dealing with the back catalog and archives was no little feat. 

Daniel Frydman, vice president and global creative director for Sony Music Entertainment, describes the project as an example of great teamwork. “The band was performing at SXSW and the site had to be live for their performance,” he says. “We needed a site that had the right look and feel for perhaps the largest rock band in the world.” The team came up with a modern site that takes advantage of modern technologies while respecting the band’s past—and future.

  • Title: Foo Fighters Official Website
  • Firm: Sony Music Entertainment, New York City
  • Creative team: Dan Pelson, Jonas Selenis, Daniel Frydman, Brad Cohen, Laurie Mucciolo, Richard Liriano, Dave Wilson, Bruce Hartley, Ryan Sucoff, Amanda Rodriguez, Harris Novick, Frank Carey, Josh Miller, Subson Mittal, Molly Byrnes, Jenn Marzulli, Shawn Gregg, Sam Roon, Brandon Boucher, Kevin Ennis, Greg Taylor, Gilbert Gatchalian, Jeff Nicholas, Kristen Welsh, Gaby Skolnek, Matthew Poehls, Ed Rivadavia, Jen Fowler, The Uprising Creative
  • Clients: Silva Artist Management, RCA/Jive Label Group 

Outstanding Consumer Website

International Watch Company of Schaffhausen

international watch company of schaffhausen website

When a site has photography that’s this great, it’d be a crime not to take full advantage of it. Redesigning the website of the International Watch Company of Schaffhausen required working closely with developers and the site’s existing content management system. Odopod managed to make a website for the company that’s just as classy as the watches it sells. 

“We wanted the images to be big and detailed, typography to be crafted and easy to read,” says creative director Jason Hardy. “We wanted a variety of page layouts to celebrate the variety of content, and, most importantly, we wanted the watches to look stunning.” 

The resulting site successfully tells IWC’s story, and it probably sells a few watches, too.

  • Title: International Watch Company of Schaffhausen
  • Design firm: Odopod, San Francisco 
  • Creative team: Tim Barber, executive creative director; David Bliss, technical director; Jason Hardy, creative director; Molly Dowd, executive producer; Sam Lind, associate director of interaction design; Dave Soderberg, art director; Britt Nelson, senior designer; Jacquie Moss, strategist; Telly Koosis, senior developer; Shane Berry, Jason Eberle, developers; Undercurrent, strategic partner; Interaction Consortium, development partner
  • Client: International Watch Company of Schaffhausen