31 Great Email Newsletter Designs

Sometimes email newsletter design isn’t given all the attention it deserves. (If you’re an in-house web designer, how many times have you had to create an eblast from nothing, ASAP? Our point exactly.) But with a bit of planning and HTML skills, it’s possible to create great email campaigns that get attention. We scoured Pinterest for the best email newsletter designs, and these are the 31 best we found:

Madewell: The minimal use of color really puts the emphasis on the main call to action.

Urban Outfitters: This clothing company is known for pushing the envelope to appeal to its young audience.

MyWardrobe: Using jeans to highlight the text is a genius move, and the lined-paper look for the background is a nice touch.

Nasty Gal: No need to give the hard sell in every message. This clothing company’s New Year’s message clearly conveys the brand.

Big Cartel: Marketing to makers gives this ecommerce platform the opportunity to be creative in their communications.

Postbox: This promotional email gets right to the point with updates the user needs to know about.

Did you know?

Most e-mail newsletters are simply coded in HTML. You can learn HTML online with HOW Design University.

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Now for the super-long emails:

Tattly: The makers of design-y temporary tattoos show off a design and show it in action before a short personal message. Cooper-Hewitt: The design museum has a lot of information to share, but this newsletter works thanks to the good spacing. Ace Hotel: Another company that uses great images—when your product looks this good, you don’t need a lot of text.
Code for America: This email is mostly text but doesn’t feel overwhelming at all, thanks to the thoughtful use of color and images. Hoefler & Frere Jones: This type foundry shows off its latest offerings with carefully cropped images. Sephora: If your email is going to be long, give people a reason to keep scrolling, like Sephora does.
Beautiful Pages: Lots of images and lots of text could make this email seem super busy, but the bold dividers break it up in a fun way. Need Supply: A picture’s worth a thousand words, and fashion is a chatty business. Brooks Brothers: Not everybody could pull this look off, but if you’ve got dozens of colors of something, everyone loves a rainbow.

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These emails pack a lot of punch in a medium-size space:

District Dining: It’s fairly rare to see vertical photos in newsletters, but it’s very nice in this dining newsletter. Airside: It’s also rare to see a black background—white text on black isn’t very kind to the reader, but the contrast with the red flower is stunning.
Offscreen magazine: The photography of this magazine makes you want to touch it and quickly conveys its aesthetic. Barron Wells: This seemingly unbranded email is a breath of fresh air: How minimalist can you go?
Net-a-Porter: Mimicking a magazine layout, this email lets you click through right to the items you like. Box: These simple instructions on how to use a cloud storage service are scannable and memorable.
Ralph Lauren: This pup would like to remind you that you left something in your shopping cart. Who could say no? Chicago Children’s Theater: An adult-friendly invite to a kid-friendly event.
Dell: Apple isn’t the only hardware company that can take great product photos. Refinery29: Stylish accents and minimal text make this email very clickable.
Hudson Shoes: A playful email to encourage Father’s Day shopping gets right to the point. Kelly Market: Another stylish email that puts the focus on the products while still paying attention to typography.
Typo: We’ll forgive the starburst because the rest of the graphics are just gorgeous. Yuppiechef: Another good example of showcasing products without letting it turn into a jumble.
Different Projects: This agency has a strong sense of style, as evident in the color palette and layout of this email. Naughtyfish: Even fans of Swiss design will find something to cheer about with this minimalist email.

Check out our favorite email newsletter design boards on Pinterest: