45 Wicked Cool 90s Posters

Perhaps you’re thinking, no way PRINT uncovered 45 90s posters from design greats like Fili, Glaser, Victore and others who are all that and a bag of chips, plus some pretty sweet 90s posters for companies like Starbucks, Delta Air Lines and Levi Strauss & Co. Well… WAY! You’ll see for yourself when you scroll on down.

Note: The 90s posters below were honored in PRINT Magazine’s Regional Design Annual, which recognizes work from US designers by region (access 13 years’ worth of RDA winners here.)

At this time I will stop with the 90s slang. You’re welcome.

A Collection of 90s Posters


Region: SW; Year: 1996; Poster for Parents Anonymous of Texas; ART DIRECTOR: Kim McNeel/GSD&M Advertising PHOTOGRAPHER: Dennis Fagan COPYWRITER: Mike Woolf


Region: SW; Year: 1996; Poster for Texins Health Circuit Fitness DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR: Chuck Johnson/Brainstorm CLIENT: Texas Instruments


Region: SW; Year: 1996; Poster for The Real Estate Council ART DIRECTORS: Brad Wines, Paul Jerde, Steve Stafford/Rhodes Stafford Wines Creative DESIGNER: Paul Jerde


Region: S; Year: 1996; Poster commemorating Homewood High School Patriot Band’s appearance at Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade DESIGN FIRM: Dorning Design, Birmingham, AL ART DIRECTOR: Matthew Dorning ILLUSTRATOR: Travis Tatum


Region: S; Year: 1996; Poster for Bell South Operator Services DESIGN FIRM: Jackhammer, Birmingham, AL ART DIRECTOR: Karen M. Schmoll DESIGNERS: Ward Schumaker, Karen M. Schmoll, Matt Dorning ILLUSTRATOR: Ward Schumaker COPYWRITERS: Benn Johnson, Chris Goldschmidt CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Chris Goldschmidt


Region: S; Year: 1996; Self-promotional poster for illustrator David Lambert ART DIRECTOR: Vidal Blankenstein/Broderick Bates Advertising, Jackson, MS


Region: S; Year: 1996; Poster for Jacksonville Convention and Visitors Bureau ILLUSTRATOR: Russ Wilson, Jacksonville Beach AGENCY: Dalton Rosberg Advertising ART DIRECTOR: Pat McKinney


Region: S; Year: 1996; 1996 artist series poster for Wake Forest University AGENCY: Henderson Tyner Art Co., Winston-Salem DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR: Hayes Henderson


Region: S; Year: 1996; Poster advertising a Hispanic food festival sponsored by the Human Resources Diversity Department of Glaxo Wellcome, a pharmaceutical company DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR: Todd Coates, Glaxo Wellcome Creative, Research Triangle Park


Region: S; Year: 1996; Poster for Creative Club of Atlanta AGENCY: Cleveland Clark, Atlanta ART DIRECTOR: Karl Madcharo PHOTOGRAPHER: David Kiesgen COPYWRITER: Bob Cianfrone


Region: S; Year: 1996; Poster for L.A. County Coroner’s Gift Shop DESIGN FIRM: Arnold Finnegan Martin, Richmond ART DIRECTOR: Ian Barry ILLUSTRATOR: Abe Spear COPYWRITER: Steve Dolbinski


Region: NY; Year: 1996; Poster for 1995 Spoleto Festival DESIGNER: Milton Glaser/Milton Glaser Inc. ART DIRECTOR: Gil Shuler/Gil Shuler Graphic Design


Region: NY; Year: 1996; Simpson Paper Show 1995 call-for-entries DESIGN FIRM: Pentagram ART DIRECTORS: Woody Pirtle, John Klotnia DESIGNERS: John Klotnia, Robert Spica ILLUSTRATOR: John Paul Endress


Region: NY; Year: 1996; Poster for a lecture by Michael Bierut at Portfolio Center, Atlanta DESIGN FIRM: Pentagram ART DIRECTOR: Michael Bierut DESIGNER: Lisa Anderson


Region: NY; Year: 1996; One in a series of promotional alphabet posters for Ambassador Arts/Champion International DESIGN FIRM: Pentagram SERIES ART DIRECTOR: Paula Scher DESIGNER: Woody Pirtle


Region: NY; Year: 1996; Poster for a lecture and slide exhibition by Louise Fili at Portfolio Center, Atlanta ART DIRECTOR: Louise Fili/Louise Fili Ltd. DESIGNERS: Louise Fili, Maryjane Callister


Region: NY; Year: 1996; Poster for ISSC, computer consulting division of IBM; DESIGN FIRM Paganucci Design DESIGNER Bob Paganucci


Region: MW; Year: 1996; Poster announcing an AIGA Detroit presentation by John Sayles and Sheree Clark DESIGNER: John Sayles/Sayles Graphic Design, Des Moines, IA


Region: MW; Year: 1996; Poster for 1995 Lincoln Marathon DESIGNER: Carter Weitz/Bailey Lauerman & Associates, Lincoln, NE ILLUSTRATOR: Darrel Stevens COPYWRITER: Mitch Koch


Region: MW; Year: 1996; In-store poster for Einsteins Bagels DESIGN FIRM: Willoughby Design Group, Kansas City DESIGNERS: Debbie Friday, Ingred Fink, Michelle Sonderegger, Ann Willoughby ILLUSTRATORS: Ann Willoughby, Cathy Law, Kym Foster CLIENT: PBCI


Region: NY; Year: 1996; Poster for the New York City Opera DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR: Rafal Olbinski/Olbinski Studio DESIGN FIRM: Nappi Eliran Murphy ART DIRECTOR: Jane Ohye


Region: MW; Year: 1996; Poster for retail sale DESIGN FIRM: Hallmark Cards, Kansas City DESIGNERS: Lynn Giunta


Region: MW; Year: 1996; Poster for Target Stores ART DIRECTOR Steven Sikora/Design Guys, Minneapolis DESIGNER Richard Boynton PHOTOGRAPHER Darrell Eager COPYWRITER Jeff Mueller


Region: MW; Year: 1996; Poster for St. Paul Human Rights Department DESIGNER Michael Hall/Hall Kelley, Marine on St. Croix


Region: FW; Year: 1996; Poster for 1996 Atlanta Olympics DESIGNER Primo Angeli/Primo Angeli Inc., San Francisco COMPUTER ILLUSTRATORS Marcelo De Freitas, Mark Jones CLIENT Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games


Region: FW; Year: 1996; Poster for Prison Blues Jeans COPYWRITER Scott Wild/Big Ads, Portland, OR ART DIRECTOR Roger Bentley/Dalbey & Denight PHOTOGRAPHER Ken Anderson CLIENT The Big House


Region: FW; Year: 1997; Exhibition poster for Seattle AIGA/University of Washington DESIGN FIRM D. Betz Design, Seattle DESIGNER David Betz


Region: NY; Year: 1997; Poster for Warner Bros. Music DESIGN FIRM Sagmeister Inc. ART DIRECTOR/DESIGNER/CALLIGRAPHER Stefan Sagmeister PHOTOGRAPHER Timothy Greenfield-Sanders


Region: MW; Year: 1997; Poster for Type Directors Club, New York ART DIRECTOR Dana Arnett/VSA Partners, Chicago DESIGNER Fletcher Martin ILLUSTRATOR Max Cannon


Region: FW; Year: 1997; Poster for Starbucks Coffee DESIGN FIRM Horton Lantz Marocco, Seattle ART DIRECTOR Craig Marocco DESIGNER Dale Lantz ILLUSTRATOR Joe Ireland


Region: FW; Year: 1997; Starbucks 25th-anniversary poster AGENCY Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco DESIGNER Robert Kastigar ILLUSTRATOR Milton Glaser COPYWRITER Rob Price


Region: FW; Year: 1997; Poster for Sun Devil alcohol lemon drink DESIGN FIRM Turner Duckworth, San Francisco ART DIRECTORS David Turner, Bruce Duckworth DESIGNER David Turner PHOTOGRAPHER Stan Muselik CLIENT McKenzie River


Region: S; Year: 1997; Poster for Delta Air Lines ART DIRECTOR Christina Snyder/BBDO South, Atlanta COPYWRITER Ellen Curtis CREATIVE DIRECTORS Ron Fisher, Laura Della Sala


Region: NY; Year: 1997; Poster for School of Visual Arts DESIGN FIRM James Victore Inc. ART DIRECTOR Silas H. Rhodes DESIGNERS Ed Hooreman, James Victore


Region: NY; Year: 1997; Poster for the journal Design Issues DESIGN FIRM James Victore Inc. DESIGNER James Victore ART DIRECTOR Victor Margolin


Region: NY; Year: 1998; Poster for John Leguizamo’s Freak DESIGN FIRM Spot Design ART DIRECTOR Drew Hodges DESIGNER Kevin Brainard ILLUSTRATOR Ward Sutton


Region: MW; Year: 1998; Poster ad for J.D. Hoyt’s restaurant AGENCY Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis ART DIRECTOR Bob Barrie COPYWRITER Greg Hahn


Region: FW; Year: 1998; Poster for MGM Academy DESIGN FIRM Axiom Design, Salt Lake City ART DIRECTOR Brent Watts DESIGNERS Dung Hoang, Brent Watts ILLUSTRATOR Don Kilpatrick


Region: FW; Year: 1998; Poster for Frito Lay DESIGN FIRM Landor Associates, San Francisco CREATIVE DIRECTOR Nancy Hoefig ILLUSTRATOR Stephen Guarnaccia COPYWRITER John Frazier


Region: SW; Year: 1999; Poster for Mohawk Paper Mills DESIGN FIRM Rigsby Design, Houston ART DIRECTOR Lana Rigsby DESIGNERS Thomas Hull, Amy Wolpert, Jerod Dame ILLUSTRATOR Thomas Hull, Amy Butler


Region: S; Year: 1998; Poster for Southern Culture on the Skids DESIGNERS Kevin Bradley, Julie Belcher/Yee-Haw Industries, Corbin, KY ILLUSTRATORS Kevin Bradley, Timothy Winkler


Region: MW; Year: 1998; Poster for art auction charity event DESIGN FIRM Greteman Group, Wichita, KS ART DIRECTORS Sonia Greteman, James Strange DESIGNERS James Strange, Sonia Greteman CLIENT Connect Care


Region: FW; Year: 1999; Poster for the Museum of Flight DESIGN FIRM Cole & Weber, Seattle ART DIRECTOR/PHOTOGRAPHER Steve Rudasics WRITER Kevin Jones CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ron Klein


Region: FW; Year: 1999; Poster announcing artist Jeff Riger\\’s exhibit of toilet-seat paintings DESIGN FIRM Modern Dog, Seattle DESIGNER Robynne Raye


Region: FW; Year: 1999; Poster for Levi Strauss & Co. DESIGN FIRM Morla Design, San Francisco ART DIRECTOR Jennifer Morla DESIGNERS Jennifer Morla, Angela Williams PHOTOGRAPHER Jock McDonald

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