7 Captivating Motion Graphics Designs

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Motion graphics take design to the next level. Animation and motion graphics have found a powerful place in website and interactive design. Their entertaining value attracts more users to sites and prompts more engagement, which is why illustrated animations are becoming more useful for advertising and marketing efforts.

As Patrick McNeil mentioned in a recent Print Magazine article, The Future of Illustrations on the Web, “designers and developers are finding beautiful ways to animate interfaces.The animation not only looks great, but it’s also easy to understand and connects the image to the text that is revealed.” Read more of his article here.

Browsing the web for well-designed and executed motion graphics designs is incredibly enjoyable. Although there are thousands of fantastic motion graphics designs and animation designs available across the web, I selected some of my favorites below for fellow designers and art enthusiasts to enjoy.

7 Captivating Motion Graphics and Animations

Visual Identification of London

by Abigail Kim


gif-740HOW Magazine’s International Design Annual showcases amazing work from around the world!

Kinetic Calendar • Digital Society Laboratory

by Egoitz Aulestia

“Kinetic calendar’s idea was to organize and show how time goes by. I organized the information through a structure of concentric circles in which I progressively used data from the International System of Units for Time, day phases, days of the week, number of month days, months, seasons, winds …as well as the features and tools of the customer strategy.” See more.

motion graphics and animation designb65785c0cd06570ba96f8ded8f1cb789Check out more striking 2015 calendar designs here.

Walkr Game Animation

Patrick McNeil featured this fun animation in PrintMag’s The Future of Illustrations on the Web. Read more about this motion graphic design here.


All Glory to the Hypno Burger

by Karan Singh

animation design Learn about the skills you must master in order to reach the top of the geek food chain with Geek Merit Badges by Meghan Murphy.

“Show Us Your Type” Barcelona OFFF 2014

by Mike Carreira

Carreira’s animated typographic design for the “Show Us Your Type” competition.

animated designGraphic designers need to know which type combinations work best together. Explore the best in type pairing with Tony Seddon’s new book, Type Teams. Read an excerpt here.

Lollove Magazine Gif

by Mirkow Gastow

motion graphics design

ADHD Pizza

by Cindy Suen

animation design

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