6 Award-Winning Multimedia Design Projects

One of the most daunting challenges designers face when creating identities, branding, promotion design, and really the majority of design projects is making sure that the assets can be used across a wide variety of applications. Today this is true not only of traditional applications—letterhead, business cards, etc.—but also websites, apps, t-shirts, video games, restaurant collateral and more. Ensuring a cohesive look and feel for large-scale, multimedia design projects can be a logistical nightmare, but with the right team, it’s both an exciting challenge and a surefire way to impress clients and consumers.

The following projects, all of which were honored in the PRINT Regional Design Awards (now accepting entries!) demonstrate the best ways to create a comprehensive, memorable aesthetic that extends across a broad range of media and applications.

6 RDA-Winning Multimedia Design Projects

Fun Fun Fun Fest

by Guerilla Suit, Austin, TX
Luigi Maldonado (creative director/art director/designer)
Fun Fun Fun Fest (client)

multimedia-design-projects-5multimedia-design-projects-7 multimedia-design-projects-6Multimedia design project: Fun Fun Fun Fest

This “fun” design for Fun Fun Fun Fest earned Best of Region for the Southwest in the 2015 Regional Design Annual. Read more about it at PrintMag.com.


Boulevardia, www.boulevardia.com

by Whiskey Design, Kansas City, MO
Matt Wegerer (creative director/art director/designer), Lauren Bowles, Shelby Mathews (designers), Austin Walsh, Matt Wadsworth, Kenney Swoger, Rebecca Armstrong, Brian Rice (photographers), Drunk Copywriter, Brent Anderson (writers), Propaganda3 (app/web development), 19 Below (video production), O’Neill Marketing and Event Management (event builder)
Boulevardia (client)


Sexy Beast, A benefit for Planned Parenthood

collateral by still room, Los Angeles
Jessica Fleischmann (creative director/art director/designer), Florian Broźek, Dorothy Lin (designers)
Night Gallery (client)


251Dekalb Identity

by Real Estate Arts, NYC
Rob Wade (creative director), Jodi Edwards (art director), Natalie Mertz (designer)
Vantage Properties (client)

multimedia-design-projects-12 multimedia-design-projects-13 multimedia-design-projects-15 multimedia-design-projects-16multimedia-design-projects-14

 Oxlot 9

by Odie and Partners, Birmingham, AL
Brian Authement (creative director/art director), Heidi Hunter (designer), Stephen DeVries Photography (photography), David Ytterberg, Annalise DeVries (writers)
Oxlot 9 (client)

 multimedia-design-projects-19multimedia-design-projects-18  multimedia-design-projects-20 multimedia-design-projects-21multimedia-design-projects-17

The identity for Oxlot9 also won Reader’s Choice in the 2015 HOW Logo Design Awards for identity work. Read more about the project.

2nd Story Brewing Co.

by 20nine, Conshohocken, PA
20nine (creative direction/art direction/design)
2nd Story Brewing Co. (client)

multimedia-design-projects-27multimedia-design-projects-22 multimedia-design-projects-23 multimedia-design-projects-26multimedia-design-projects-24 multimedia-design-projects-25

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