Awesome Star Wars Posters by Mattson Creative

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Prepare to let your inner geek out. Mattson Creative has been cooking up something awesome in collaboration with Lucasfilm.


All images courtesy of Mattson Creative

Yes, that’s right. Silk-screened posters designed by the award-winning Southern California design firm Mattson Creative. The posters, printed on 100lb. French Paper, are officially licensed and released in celebration of the original trilogy. Not to mention, they make a great gift for this upcoming holiday season.

Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_7 Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_6 Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_5 Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_3

On the Mattson Creative website, Ty shares his story:

“I’ve been a fan of Star Wars my entire life.

As a kid, growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s, it had a profound affect on me. Star Wars was this entire universe built on imagination and creativity. I would play with the action figures and toys…I read and listened to the books and records…I dressed up like Han Solo for Halloween…but most of all I would draw.

I drew everything from Star Wars – the heroes, the villains, the vehicles, the environments. I spent countless hours recreating the scenes and characters that had captured my imagination.”

With inspiration from designers and illustrators from the ‘50s and ‘60s, Mattson decided to combine his “appreciation for mid-century modern design” with his “passion for Star Wars.”

Say “Hello” to Star Wars Modern. Purchase yours here!

Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_10 Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_9 Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_1 Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_12 Mattson_Creative_Star_Wars_11

The posters come in two sizes: 18×24˝ individual prints and 8×10˝ prints, which come in sets of three or nine.

5 thoughts on “Awesome Star Wars Posters by Mattson Creative

  1. Zach Ferri

    These are awesome. I like the way they applied them in pictures instead of just showing the posters. I also like how the posters use minimal graphics but they portray exactly what he wanted to get across. I would love to have these posters hanging up on the walls in my house.

  2. mohanapriyad

    Test comments I like how he uses silk screened paper. The fact that he uses basic shapes to show what is star wars. Anyone can be a artist only if you put your mind to it.