Behind the Design: Creative Celebrity

George Nelson was a celebrated mid-twentieth century multidisciplinary designer who created iconic designs still celebrated today in a range of media from architecture to exhibitions and film to furniture. His versatility was inspired by his belief that “good design is timeless.” So when Hello Design was approached to create a website for The George Nelson Foundation, they wanted to capture that timelessness and influence on the computer screen.

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They started by featuring a typeface used by Nelson for the foundation’s identity as well as a color palette inspired by the bold choices he used throughout his graphic and industrial design work. Then, to pay homage to the designer’s diverse handiwork, the team opted for a layout heavy on the white space to let his work be the focus.

“We wanted the works to speak for themselves,” says creative director David Lai, “so we produced a look and feel that is clean, systematic and elegant, which also reflects Nelson’s belief in simplicity.”

Project: George Nelson Foundation Identity and Website

Firm: Hello Design, Culver City, CA;

Client: The George Nelson Foundation

Creative Team: David Lai, Hiro Niwa, creative directors; Gaelyn Jenkins, lead designer; Tracy Hung, designer; Scott Moore, director of front-end development; Daniel Hovey, senior developer; Justin Blackwell, director of technology; Chris Fung, developer; Szu Ann Chen Smith, executive producer; Abbey Park Yun, senior project lead

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