Behind the Design: Showing Off

CBS commissioned Mattson Creative to develop a series of animated sequences based on current hit shows including “Two and a Half Men,” “CSI,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “60 Minutes” and “Survivor.” Giving a new spin to such well-established shows was, in the words of creative director Ty Mattson, “tricky.”

He started by determining the iconic elements of each show, such as the characters in “The Big Bang Theory” or the stopwatch in “60 Minutes.” “I had to get to the heart of the show first, find the core DNA, and then I could pull it out and put it into a different style,” he explains.

The style that he was after was one with a bold, minimalist aesthetic. He accomplished that by taking those key elements and translating them into stark black-and-white illustrations set against vibrant colors. This not only gave a fresh perspective to these popular prime-time shows, but also served to unite the series of spots (one 10-second animation for each of 10 programs), as well.

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Project: CBS On-Air Campaign

Firm: Mattson Creative, Irvine, CA;

Client: CBS

Creative Team: Ty Mattson, creative director, designer, illustrator/Mattson Creative; Garen Van de Beek, Lori Shefa, Sarah LaBrache, Jon Lee, Matt Hernandez, on-air promotion team/CBS; Jerry Brunskill, music composer/Wow & Flutter Media Group; Dave Barnaby, sound design/LVD Digital; Nathan Drabsch, animation creative director/The DMC Initiative; Luke Bell-Booth, animation lead designer/The DMC Initiative; Simon Ramsey, Joseph Harper, Zena Santos, Ingo Walde, animation 2D/3D designers/The DMC Initiative; Andros Walsh, animation producer/The DMC Initiative


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