3 Great Projects for Branding Inspiration

Scott Maney, chief creative officer at Breakaway and a judge of the Promotion & Marketing Design Awards 2016The deadline for HOW’s 2016 Promotion & Marketing Design Awards is fast approaching. (It’s Friday, April 22!)

To celebrate, Scott Maney, chief creative officer at brand capital firm Breakaway and a judge of this year’s competition, is sharing some of his favorite client promotion work. Check out the successful client promotion work below for some first-rate branding inspiration.

Maney, who currently oversees all creative development and design at Breakaway and has worked on everything from IBM to Bud Light, looks forward to reviewing your promotion design.

If you have some fantastic client work, we invite you to enter it in the Promotion Design Awards, which has a whole category devoted to client promotions (brochures, annual reports, ads, corporate identities, etc.). Learn more about all of the 2016 design awards judges here.

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A Dream Assignment for Drizly

Maney’s thoughts on this project:

This was a dream assignment: Alcohol delivery. Start-up. Young, aggressive founders. Blank slate to create the brand. Go big or go home.

That’s a challenge every creative should embrace.

I love this work. It’s joyful. It’s funny. It’s retro and modern all at the same time. It’s edgy. It’s brilliantly stupid. And it was widely embraced by their customer base. It was so successful they extended the campaign for months and are rolling it out across the country. We went out to take photos of the boards for our sake, only to find people taking photos for their sake. I’ve never seen that happen before.

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Branding and Building Oath

Maney’s thoughts on this project:

Oath isn’t just a client, it’s a company we own and started from the ground up. The name. The brand. The experience. Everything. We affected every nook and cranny of the company, from what’s on the walls to the pizza names to the boxes they came in.

We just opened our third location, with the fourth coming in the next month. The product and the brand are resonating with consumers, and we’re steadily growing a diehard, committed community of fans.

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A Brand Campaign for Newton Running

Maney’s thoughts on this project:

Newton Running is a very technical product. The problem was the brand knew how to communicate only in a very technical way. That appealed to a tiny fraction of consumers, and they needed to move beyond just the tip of the spear.

We created a brand campaign that spoke to why those technical aspects mattered. The end result. The better. And it was different for everybody. Run faster. Hit a new personal record. Run pain-free. We brought back the joy to a brand that inherently had joy running through its veins. And in the process opened up the market to an entirely new (and enormous) set of runners.

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Maney, along with our other esteemed judges, will be using his expertise to review your work and select the winners of the 2016 Promotion & Marketing Design Awards. If you want him to see your promotion design work, be sure to enter today. Deadline: Friday, April 8, 2016!

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