23 Days. 23 Films. 23 James Bond Posters.

It’s only appropriate that if the 85th Academy Awards will pay tribute to the James Bond movie franchise’s 50th anniversary, that we spotlight this cool James Bond poster tribute by Florida-based design duo Herring and Haggis.

Maria Herring’s connection to bond traces back to her childhood in Sweden. “The Bond films were some of the first action movies I ever watched,” she says. Meanwhile, a young Clif Haggis donned a small briefcase containing a badge and toy Walther PPK. But their most recent journey into Bond’s world started when Herring, who Haggis reports is the bigger Bond fan, received a gift set of all of the Bond films for her birthday. While watching “Dr. No,” the idea for the poster project took flight. “You know, we should watch each movie and then do a poster design for it,” Herring remarked.

Knowing that they were about a month away from the much anticipated release of “Skyfall,” the duo decided to take the challenge a step further. “We committed to everyday for 23 days leading up to the ‘Skyfall’ film release, watching each of the previous Bond films in order and creating a poster that day for it,” Haggis says.

The two creatives behind Herring & Haggis, also work full-time jobs at an agency on top of being the parents of two boys. So it’s no surprise that they use the word intense to describe the task of balancing life with sitting down each night to watch a movie and then design a poster. When enthusiasm waned, they looked to their site traffic for additional motivation. “Our visitors became a big motivator, and also the fact that the empty circles on our web page just had to be filled,” Haggis says. “Just like any project, if you can’t throw yourself into it, it shows.”

See below for a few of our favorites from the James Bond poster series.

Visit the site to see all 23 of the James Bond posters designed by Herring & Haggis.