Branding NYC Tourism: An In-House Success

You’ve probably noticed, but here at HOW we’ve been celebrating our most recent In-House Design Awards winners leading up to the release of the Winter 2016 issue of HOW magazine in which all of the winners will be featured. (By the way, you’re going to LOVE the issue, so be sure to get your subscription or head to Barnes & Noble on Dec. 13.)

This week we’re admiring an award-winning branding project from NYC & Company, the official tourism and marketing organization for New York City. The organization’s mission, according to, is to maximize travel and tourism opportunities throughout the five boroughs of NYC, as well as to build economic prosperity and spread NYC’s dynamic image all around the world.

TITLE NYC & Company Branding
CREATIVE TEAM Emily Lessard, Caitlin Clingman, Sara Duell, Louis Lee, Alexander Quinn, Jose Quinteros, Noah Venezia, Joshua Graver, Stephanie Hu, Sophie Roberts, Kate Canary, Michael Chee, Kathleen Fox, Tom Perry, Chris Postlewaite, Ryan Schnackenberg, Gracelyn Woods,Tagger Yancey, Jen Davis, Mary Beth Dickerson, Naheem Kujenya, Sylvia Chan, Pilar Espinal, Carly Lennon, Michael Wallach, Ivan Dockery, John Jones

NYC & Company admits that this project was no small feat. “We set out to distill the City’s diverse appeal into a single vision using multifaceted design elements, like variable custom typefaces and over 200 pictograms,” the team says. “The result is an identity that feels as inclusive, inspiring and iconic as the City itself.”

Cheers, NYC & Company, to a job well done!

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NYC & Company's travel graphic design and branding work

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