Poster Design Inspiration from Lorenzo Fanton

If you’re scraping the bottom of the inspiration bucket, Lorenzo Fanton‘s stunning poster design for Shanghai Orchid Expo 2014 is sure to provide you with all the poster design inspiration you crave.

We talked with Fanton to get a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the poster.

Poster Design to Admire

Lorenzo Fanton poster design inspiration

Lorenzo Fanton’s poster design for Shanghai Orchid Expo 2014

How long did the project take?
The project didn’t take that long. I spent a entire weekend on it, almost without pause. The idea came while I was waking up on Saturday, I had a vision of an S, a big S. And then I started to connect the point how to make the S. I wanted to create a surreal image that would celebrate both the beautiful orchid flower and the hosting city. So I spent Saturday conceptualizing and shooting the orchid, and then Sunday executing it.

posters-cover-1What was the project meant to achieve?
I wanted to convey two ideas: one, to celebrate the event, and the other to underline how Chinese culture is seen from outside the country. The festival itself is about one of the most celebrated flowers in China: extremely beautiful and yet very fragile. This dichotomy naturally fits how modern China is seen with its contradictions. You can read the orchid as a contradiction itself. When you look closely, you realize that the orchid has been cut in half (therefore, it’s dead) and it still looks beautiful, which goes back to my point about the Chinese’s dichotomy.

What was the main idea behind the design?
I think what I wanted was to create a beautiful image that reflects my previous thought: beauty/ugliness, democracy/autocratic, reality/phony, coherence/incoherence.

What was the biggest challenge of the project?
The biggest challenge was to create an image that wouldn’t be too politically oriented but would communicate my point through beauty. An orchid is an amazing flower. I worked with its details (the stem, in this case) to convey the message.

Lorenzo Fanton poster design inspiration Lorenzo Fanton poster design inspiration Lorenzo Fanton poster design inspiration