Behind the Design: Yeah Burger! Restaurant Branding

Yeah! Burger is not your typical burger joint, a fact that’s obvious from the moment you step inside this Atlanta restaurant. Quirky floor-to-ceiling murals adorn the walls, and playful signage tells you everything from where to find the restroom to where to put your leftover food so that it can be composted.

“We never wanted Yeah! Burger to appear too preachy,” says Tad Carpenter, who designed the branding for the eatery, which provides an alternative to quintessential fast food with healthy, organic and local food options. While the restaurant aimed to open patrons’ eyes to a new, holistic approach to food, they wanted to do so in a way that’s enjoyable. “My inspiration for this project was really about going back to the basics,” Carpenter says.

He drew inspiration from Saturday morning cartoons and illustrations from the 1960s and 1970s, harkening to an era where things seemed simpler, safer. The cheery illustrations he created adorn everything from employee uniforms and beverage cups to business cards and exterior signage.

Project Yeah! Burger Identity
Firm Tad Carpenter Creative, Kansas City;
Client Yeah! Burger
Creative Team Tad Carpenter, creative director/designer/illustrator

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