Ditch the Scorecard: Allow Your Best Ideas to Win

After a truly successful brainstorming session, it’s often impossible to trace the origin of the best ideas of the day. Usually, the best ideas evolve under the collaborative effort of all the brainstorm participants. No one can step in and say, "But that was all my idea!" In fact, the moment you start to assign ownership to ideas, true creativity stops.

Accept that the idea is bigger and more important than your ego needs. Plus, when you’re the kind of person who can push an idea forward with your vision and your collaboration skills, you will be recognized as a person who makes things happen. You get the bonus of being credited as an "idea person" without having to trumpet through the hallways, "It was my idea! All mine!"

Designer Mark Sackett doesn’t subscribe to the "this is mine, that’s yours" mentality at his firm. "Any time a designer exhibits too much ownership over an idea, we try to share the project with other designers," he says. "Because if they’re going to have that kind of ownership over it, that means they’ve closed the doors to many other possibilities."

To bypass the resentment that could come from swapping projects like that, Sackett makes sure that his team works together and has equal opportunities. Everyone has an equal chance to work on each project that comes into their studio, and often a project is tackled by a small group of designers rather than just one designer.