20 Designs for Business Card Inspiration

Calling all business card designers, lovers and inspiration-seekers: Every year, the Regional Design Annual (the design industry’s most well-respected and sought-after annual) features the best American designs of the year—which of course includes an array of beautiful business cards.

Will the icons of design decide that your business card design deserves a spot in the 2017 Regional Design Annual? Be sure to enter to find out. The pages of PRINT magazine await your brilliance.

In the meantime, soak up some business card inspiration from this array of winners from past RDAs:

20 Designs from the Regional Design Annual for Business Card Inspiration

1. Brue Bar Business Cards


Wall-to-Wall Studios Inc., Honolulu; www.walltowall.com: Bernard Uy (creative director), Jennifer Tanabe (creative director/writer), Scott Naauao (art director/designer), Celeste Shiratori (director of accounts); Brue Bar (client)

2. Marin Museum of Bicycling Business Cards


SevenDesign, Sausalito, CA; www.sevendesign.com: Lee Hutchinson (creative director/designer), Andrew Pollak (art director/designer); Marin Museum of Bicycling (client)

3. WONGDOODY Business Cards


WONGDOODY, Seattle; www.wongdoody.com: Pam Fujimoto (creative director), Matt Weitkamp, Matt Ballew (art directors), Ramon Vasquez (designer), Jacob Mrozek, Matt Glenovich (illustrators), John Schofield, Andrew “Rudy” Willingham (writers); WONGDOODY (client)

4.Cotton Belles Southern Chic Boutique Business Card


Jessica Mullis Graphic Design, Atlanta: Jessica Mullis (creative director/art director/designer); Cotton Belles Southern Chic Boutique (client)

5. BlabTV Business Card


idgroup, Pensacola, FL; www.idgroupbranding.com: Mona Amodeo (creative director), Gail Spruill-Shaw (art director), Jared Granger (art director/designer); BlabTV (client)

6. McKenzie Miller Films Business Card


McKenzie Miller Films, www.mckenziemillerfilms.com // Odie and Partners, Birmingham, AL; www.odiepartners.com: Brian Authement (creative director/designer), Heidi Hunter (art director/designer), Stephen DeVries Photography (photography); McKenzie Miller Films (client)

7. Monte Hewett Business Cards

07_MonteHewett_businesscards@2x 10_MonteHewett_businesscard@2x

Matchstic, Atlanta; http://matchstic.com: Blake Howard (creative director), Jonathan Lawrence (art director), Mackenzie Brookshire, Joey Wathen, Brittany Robertson (designers), Jason Orme, Danielle DePiper (writers); Monte Hewett (client)

8. Swindoll Custom Drums Business Cards


Paul Tynes Design, Petal, MS; www.paultynes.com: Paul Tynes (creative director/art director/designer), Daniel Bishop (photographer); Swindoll Custom Drums (client)

9. Jucy Lu Business Cards


El Autobus, Miami; www.elautobus.com: Dani V. Sánchez (creative director/art director/designer/illustrator/writer), Roberto Fonfria (creative director), Jose Gregorio de Franca (photographer), Veronica Cangas (writer); Jucy Lu (client)

10. BrainDead Brewing Business Card


The Matchbox Studio Inc., Dallas; www.matchboxstudio.com: Liz Burnett, Jeff Breazeale (creative directors), Mark Travis (art director/designer/illustrator), Zach Hale (art director/ designer), Mitchell Ditto (writer); BrainDead Brewing (client)

20 Designs from the Regional Design Annual for Business Card Inspiration (continued)

11. Distroya Spiced Spirit Business Card

Distroya_BusinessCard1 Distroya_BusinessCard2

Chad Michael Studio, Dallas; www.chadmichaelstudio.com: Chad Michael (creative director/art director/designer), Steven Noble (illustrator), Brad Holt (photographer), Spark Letterpress (printing); Distroya Spiced Spirit (client)

12. 2nd Story Brewing Co.


20nine, Conshohocken, PA; www.20nine.com: 20nine (creative direction/art direction/design); 2nd Story Brewing Co. (client)

13. Central Provisions Business Card


Might & Main, Portland, ME; www.might-main.com: Arielle Walrath (creative director/art director/designer), Sean Wilkinson (creative director/art director), Morgan DiPietro (art director/designer); Central Provisions (client)

14. Owen + Alchemy Business Cards


Potluck Creative, Chicago: www.potluckcreative.com: Sam Jorden (creative director/art director/designer), Jack Muldowney (art director/designer), Mikey Litchfield (photographer), Anne Owen (visual identity); Element Collective (client)

15. Jay Fram Business Cards

JayFram_BizCard_closeUp JayFram_BizCard

Photography Branding Almanac, St. Louis; www.brandalmanac.com: Nathan Sprehe (creative director/art director/designer), Katie Hileman (designer), Jay Fram (photographer), Angie Winschel (writer); Jay Fram (client)

16. The MG Group Business Card


Marian Williams Design, Chicago; www.marianwilliamsdesign.com: Marian Williams (creative director/art director/designer), Scott Schermer (designer); The MG Group (client)

17. Ritual Business Cards


BIKLOPS, Kansas City, MO; www.biklopsdesign.com: Jeffrey Immer Jr. (creative director/art director/designer/photographer), Ian Tirone (art director/designer/photographer), Katy Seibel (writer); RITUAL (client)

18. Marian Williams Design Business Card


Marian Williams Design, Chicago; www.marianwilliamsdesign.com: Marian Williams (creative director/art director/designer); Marian Williams Design (client)

19. Indiana Signworks Business Card


One Lucky Guitar Inc., Fort Wayne, IN; www.oneluckyguitar.com: Team OLG (creative direction/art direction/design); Team OLG (client)

20. KNOCK, inc. Business Card


KNOCK, inc., Minneapolis; www.knockinc.com: Todd Paulson, Dan Weston (creative directors), Jason Miller (design director), Caitlin Sidey (account producer); KNOCK, inc. (client)

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