15 Award-Winning Posters Created by In-House Designers

Given that we love both posters and in-house designers, it probably goes without saying that we especially love posters created by in-house designers. (Just like we love love love book covers designed by in-housers.) That’s why we’re thrilled to spotlight the thoughtful, beautiful and impactful posters below, all of which have won awards from HOW and PRINT and all of which were created by in-house creatives.

Regardless of what kind of design work you do, we hope these creative posters inspire you today. And if you too are part of an in-house design team—in any industry—we encourage you to show off your design superpowers, and show your in-house clients that you’re an industry leader, by entering your work in the HOW In-House Design Awards

Deadline: May 7, 2018!

15 Cool Posters Created by In-House Designers

1. SFMOMA New Visual Identity Launch Posters

cool posters by SFMOMA

Company/Client: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Creative Team: Amy Yu Gray, Bosco Hernandez, Sophine Lim, James Provenza, Jennifer Sonderby, Mathieu Stemmelen
Details: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Design Studio has created a new visual identity to coincide with the opening of its new museum, which took place on May 14, 2016. Similar to the architectural features of its new expansion, the new visual identity is designed to be porous, open and welcoming, providing multiple points of access. Like the design of its expansion, the museum’s new visual identity was inspired by the surrounding hills and the water and fog of the San Francisco Bay.

These posters were part of the campaign that won Best of Show in a past HOW In-House Design Awards. Love these posters? Tweet at the team!

 2. IBM Poster

cool posters by ibm design

IBM Design
Creative Team: Matthew C. Paul, Patrick Chew (designers)
Details: Thomas J. Watson started a legacy when he said, “All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think.” But, thinking is often the hardest work of all. As IBM revives the design culture that was established by those like Paul Rand and Ray & Charles Eames, it is important that we embrace thinking as well as making. We challenge ourselves to design solutions that make sense at a 5th grade level, and embrace the simple building blocks that make it all possible.

If you love this poster, tweet your appreciation to the designers themselves: @matthewcpaul + @itspchew

3. 3D Type Exhibition Poster

cool 3d type posters

Company/Client: Dankook University
Creative Team: Hoon-Dong Chung

This poster was honored in HOW’s International Design Awards.

 4. The Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation Posters

UBM Tech
Creative Team: Karen Field, Mara Cruz, Ryan Wattaul, Daniel Guidera
Details: With a tight budget and other constraints, the team created a circus tent façade and side show posters for the EE Times booth.

These posters were honored in the B2B category of HOW’s In-House Design Awards.

5. 2015 Graphic Design and Designing Green Poster

cool posters by in-house designers

Auburn University School of Industrial + Graphic Design
Creative Team: Courtney Windham

This poster was honored in the Education category of HOW’s In-House Design Awards. If you love it as much as we do, say hi to the designer on Instagram: @bon_appetype

6. Our School Climate Posters

Southern Poverty Law Center

These posters were honored in PRINT Magazine’s Regional Design Awards. If you love them as much as we do, tweet at SPLC and let them know: @splcenter

7. Summer of Love Posters

cool posters

Company/Client: BI Worldwide
Creative Team: Jess Knox, Benjamin Kjos, Chip Barber, Frank Durrett, Mike Heisler, Wanda Boettcher

These posters were honored in the B2B category of HOW’s In-House Design Awards. Love these posters? Tell them so!

8. Kutztown University Senior Portfolio Review Poster

Company/Client: Kutztown University
Creative Team: Jamie Basile, Denise Bosler
These posters were honored in the Education category of HOW’s In-House Design Awards. Want to tell the creatives how much you like their work? Tweet at Bosler @DeniseBosler or send Basile a message

9. The Blue Umbrella Poster

cool posters by Pixar Animation Studios

Company/Client: Pixar Animation Studios

This project was honored in PRINT Magazine’s Regional Design Awards.

10. NRDC Brand Poster

cool posters

Company/Client: NRDC
Creative Team:
Lisa Benenson, Michelle Egan, Bob Comire, Scott Dodd, and Guyang Chen

This poster was honored in the Nonprofit category of HOW’s In-House Design Awards. Love it? Tell them so on Twitter!



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