Worksheet: An Exercise in Curiosity

In the August 2007 issue of HOW, I wrote the article “Beg the Question” about the need to ask more questions and become more curious on a daily basis as a way to revolutionize your life. But I know that the best way to understand a concept is to experience it. This exercise is designed to do that and allow you to wade deeper into getting curious about everything around us.

This is a three-part exercise. Parts 1 and 2 start with activities that get you asking questions and becoming curious. Part 3 will focus on what you’ve learned as a part of the exercise.

After you complete each part, e-mail your responses to the address provided to get the next part, until you’ve completed the entire three-part activity.

So, let’s get curious. Download part 1 to get started! curiosityworksheet1.pdf


HOW August 2007